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Beachbody Business


beachbody business opportunityThe Beachbody Business is very unique and interesting on multiple levels. If you have no idea what Beachbody is, or you know who they are, but aren’t sure why they are involved in Network Marketing, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll explain all about the Beachbody Business and why it may revolutionize your life, if you’re interested.

Beachbody started in 1998 as a Fitness and Health Company. Their real success centered around the famous P90X launch in late 2003. Ever since, they have experienced fast growth, and are now a $600 million dollar per year company. The company aims to reach $1 billion per year in sales revenue in the next 5 years. What is very handsome from a business perspective is that this company operates completely debt free, which is rare for most businesses these days.

But 1998-2006 was just the start for the Beachbody Business. Once the year 2007 came around, a whole new business model fired up the company to new heights. They called it “Team Beachbody”, and today it’s a famous network marketing company. With only 100,000 coaches in the team now, the opportunity is still very much ground floor (especially when compared to other companies). Most important and meaningful in my personal opinion is that this model helps get people focused on losing weight, getting fit, and STAYING fit and healthy as they join the network.

Think about it this way: Many people go to the Gym or buy some off the shelf workout DVD program. They don’t get the Support, the Motivation, the Tools, or the Resources, and most likely fail (or spend WAY too much money!). With the Beachbody Business, as a Coach you can get Motivated to stick with your program, Get 25% discounts on the Tools/Supplements, and EARN Money by motivating yourself and others.

Check out this great video for more information surrounding the business model:

So let me talk more about the network marketing side to the Beachbody Business. The people involved in network marketing are called Independent Team Beachbody Coaches (and yes, I am a Coach if you haven’t been to my site before).


Beachbody Business – Why Their Plan can work for YOU!

beachbody business networkSome of the people who come into the Beachbody Business are success stories from things like P90X, INSANITY, TurboFire, Shakeology and more! On the other side, some of the other people who join want to get healthy and fit, and becoming a Beachbody Coach can help keep them committed to that goal. While most people are afraid of network marketing companies (see: Beachbody MLM), the Beachbody Model is different. You aren’t just selling people on an “opportunity” or a “product”. You are giving them the chance to join together in a commitment to lose weight and get healthy. This leads to the ultimate goal of People Helping People, which is why the Beachbody Business has been so successful.

So how can the Beachbody Business work for you? Here are just a few great points:

  • Commitment to Fitness – too many people are facing obesity problems, sickness, and early demise. I was once someone who was struggling with weight and acid reflux. I tried the Gym and many at-home workout programs and failed miserably. Because of Beachbody Coaching, I got motivated to stick with my P90X workout program and lose 70 pounds. I now help others lose weight, earn an income, and live a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • Ability to Earn Income – by joining others and helping others, Beachbody pays its coaches weekly on a commission and bonus structure. You can earn enough to pay off your car, pay your rent/mortgage, and for those who go ALL-IN, can make it a full time career like a lot of our Coaches have. Within 6 months I was earning $900-1200 per month part-time in my spare time (I use this to show an example that this is legit and real, and not to impress you).
  • Awesome Trips and Events – Cruises, Disney World, and Las Vegas are just some of the cool vacations and events we’ve been too (“we” being myself, Bob Sharpe, my wife Cristen, and our awesome Coach Team Members). This gives you a chance to connect with our team, have fun, and even meet the Beachbody Celebrity Trainers like Shaun T., Chalene Johnson, and Tony Horton!


Who The Beachbody Business is NOT For

Keep reading this part, because I’m sharing the top tips on why you should not join the Beachbody Business.

  • You expect IMMEDIATE Success – I really think this is the issue with a lot of network marketing companies. They sell you on a dream that you will make tons of money overnight and live on the beach. Let’s get real people. If you are expecting to get millions of dollars overnight, you need to work on your mindset and be realistic. For those who get in, get busy, and give this time and dedication, you will earn money – yes, a lot of money. But not overnight. Hard work pays off in anything and everything you do. Period.
  • You are “Hoping” to be Successful – I have learned from my mentors and success stories that those who “hope” never succeed. But those who plan, want, and desire success get it. Why? Because they are focused on the right mindset of success. If you are thinking you will become a Beachbody Coach for a few months “Just to see if it will work”, you most likely will fail. But if you get in and commit to following the daily action steps, and the game plan, then you will be successful. Think about all of us who are successful with the Beachbody Business, if we can do it (especially me, who came from an average joe with no education in network marketing), YOU can do it too!
  • You are Not Willing to be Consistent – consistent actions are the secret sauce to success. Did you see the Robert Kiyosaki quote above? A lot of people run to a “job” because they get instant income and really just need to follow the rules and not get fired. The problem with that model is the income is steady and doesn’t increase more than around 1-5% per year. With this Beachbody Business model, if you decide to stay consistent, your income can grow 400-1000% per year. You get out what you put in, but it’s not instant gratification. I was making no money for 6 months when I started. But my consistency paid off handsomely, and yours will too if you follow my guidance and help.


Beachbody Business Next Steps

When will you see resultsAssuming you aren’t in agreement with the three things the Beachbody Business is not for, you may be wondering how to get involved with this great company. I want to invite you to check out my personal presentation on the Beachbody Business, including some insider details on what it’s all about. I want to partner with leaders who are serious about growing their lives positively and are willing to get excited and passionate about the future. If that is you, enter your name and info in the boxes below and get instant access to my presentation:

I spend a lot of time helping my Beachbody Coach team. Because I give my attention to your success, I want to make sure you are qualified and eligible to be a part of our team. Enter your name and info in the boxes above, and afterwards I’ll be in touch with you to see if you are a good fit for our growing team.

I’ll see you at the presentation!


Bob Sharpe

All About Bob

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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