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Beachbody Coach Canada – Canadians can now become Coaches!

Beachbody Coach Canada

Beachbody Coaching is now available in Canada!

Hello my Friend! Bob Sharpe here. Ready to make a HUGE difference in your life and the lives of those around you? Ready to be on the ground floor of what has helped many Americans become fit, healthy, and wealthy? Well, you’ve just tapped into Beachbody Coach Canada!

Welcome to BEACHBODY Coaching! Now available for anyone and everyone ready to make a difference in their lives in both Canada and United States.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach has been the best decision I have made. Now, you have ready this right…Beachbody Coaching is now in Canada! YES! Beachbody Coach Canada is available, and I’m so excited to work with my neighbors to the north.

If you love programs like P90X, INSANITY, Shakeology, and many others, than you’ve come to the right spot. Do you have what it takes to join my dynamic team?

There are so many Beachbody Coaching in Canada opportunities out there, but you have come to the Team that has proven itself time and time again! Check out more below to find out:


Beachbody Coach Canada style: Watch this video first!

What is a Beachbody Coach Canada? Check it out below in this video! Can’t see the video? Click here


Beachbody Coach in Canada style – You can earn and burn!

If you love the programs Beachbody offers, or you want to get them at a 25% discount, than becoming a Coach is the best decision ever.

I’m going to not beat around the bush and come straight forward: There are two important things to note to become an Active Coach on our team:

  1. It costs $39.95 to start-up and $15.95/mo to be a coach. Why? Because it’s your own business, and that cost is for you to have your own online office & website availability.
  2. To be active, you must buy or sell 50 PV per month. This is really easy (my PV is well over 1500!). If you get Shakeology each month (I strongly recommend it!), you will immediately be an Active Coach! No need to sell anything.
  3. When you become an Emerald Coach, Beachbody gives you customers that buy off of the TV or Phone for free!! After you meet the requirements, these customers add up quickly and are awesome connections!! Also, as they buy things in the future, you get the commission off of their purchases!! Commission Rates? 25% of the purchase price!
  4. When you operate as a Beachbody Coach Canada, you will be running a U.S. based business. This is no problem, and easy to work (I will show you how).


Beachbody Coach Canada Style: What do you get when you team up with Bob Sharpe?

By joining my team of Beachbody Coach Canada, I will provide you with exclusive Coach Training that I put together for my team. Not only that, you get all of these things too:


  • Full Availability and Support: I’m going straight to the top along with all of my Coaches. I’m aiming to do this full-time, and I’m available to you 24/7 for texts, calls, and e-mails. Not only that, I support all of my coaches in their fitness and financial success. We do not fail: if you fall, I help you get back up.
  • Unbeatable Strategy: this is especially important with he Beachbody Coach Canada style! I use a placement strategy to ensure you benefit the MOST out of the entire scope as we continue to grow.
  • Weekly Team Trainings and Calls: We have weekly team trainings and phone calls to share strategies, goals, and just have some plain old FUN!
  • Much, Much More: I have so many upcoming secret plans to continue to ensure we all rise to the top. I can’t share all of them here publicly, but I will on the inside once you’re part of the Team!


Questions? Comments? Want to Know More First?? E-mail me at or call/text at 352-638-2407 anytime. You can also view our special Beachbody Coach Presentation to get more information!


Beachbody Coach Canada Style: How to Get Started

Whether you are from Canada or not, I look forward to having you on my team and growing a successful business with you.

Click the link below to sign-up. As soon as you are on-boarded, I’ll reach out to you and get you set-up right. If you have Facebook, I’ll also add you to our private Facebook groups with over 100 other Coaches in our team! Support is the key to success, and I can’t wait to become your partner!!

Beachbody Coach Canada


Very important for the Canadian Beachbody Coaches:

  • This is still in a pre-launch (2013)! Which means you are getting on the ground floor and can sell, recruit, and build a very large business since you will be the owner of your own piece of Beachbody Coach Canada style!
  • Until Mid-2013 when the entire transaction between Beachbody & Canada is complete, you will be a Canadian operating a U.S. Business. This means you’ll get paid in U.S. Dollars and U.S. Taxes. No worries, because by mid-2013 everything will automatically convert to Canada, and you’ll be already on the ground running!!


Still not convinced about this awesome Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity? Check out this success stories compilation featuring 5 of the coaches on my team!

Also, be sure to e-mail me (, contact me on this site, or call/text me (352-638-2407) if you have any questions prior to starting up!

Beachbody Coach Canada


In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

P.S. If you have any other questions about Beachbody Coach Canada, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help you! If you live in the States, connect with me over at: Beachbody Coach Orlando – close to my home town!

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