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Body Beast


Body Beast Workout will maximize your muscles and enhance your results!

Body BeastAre you ready to conquer Body Beast?? This program is guaranteed to bulk up your body and boost your confidence like no program has done before.

Body Beast was developed by Sagi Kalev, the champion bodybuilder (“Mr. Israel”). In this program you will learn some old-school and some new-school techniques on how to get the best looking body in the shortest amount of time.

This is the FIRST program in the Beachbody fitness line that will focus on getting you hard muscles. Not only that, you’ll be burning away your fat so quick you’ll be looking like a champion and you’re friends will be absolutely stunned. Want more? Check out the awesome video below this post!!

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The Man Behind the Beast – Sagi Kalev – Body Beast

Body BeastThe man who brings us this incredible program is Sagi Kalev, also known as Mr. Israel! He immigrated to United States in 1993 and focuses on being a personal trainer and bodybuilder. He has also earned many different titles for Mr. Israel as a result of his efforts.

Now that is impressive! But don’t worry, Body Beast will be just like the name implies….INTENSE. You will also experience new supplements along with a nutrition guide that is aimed for maximum growth.

Who is Body Beast for?

Body Beast

This dude is ready for Body Beast!

Anyone who either wants to lose weight, wants to build muscle, or wants to do both should consider this program! Now remember, this is INTENSE. If you don’t think you are up for the Beast quite yet, consider P90X or Insanity before you start Body Beast.

Here are some other important notes regarding who Body Beast is made for:

  • Those who want to drastically improve their muscle strength and health.
  • Those who want to get big (from a muscle perspective) with an all-natural system (no steroids or weird meat-head shenanigans!).
  • A comprehensive system that teaches you how to combine bodybuilding with the right food and nutrition, like the pros!

How do I buy Body Beast? Where can I get the program?

You can get Body Beast delivered to your front door in no time by just ordering from this site! Not only that, you also get access to BONUSES just for buying right here at You can also check out the exclusive YouTube video by CLICKING HERE or viewing it below!

Body Beast Packages for Order:
Body Beast Base
Base Package: $89.85 =>Buy Here<=
*Exclusive Offer: Get the Lucky 7 DVD, a full upper-body workout for FREE when you order from this site – a $19.95 value!* This package comes with 12 awesome workouts, the Book of Beast Program Guide, and Training Schedule.

Body Beast Better
Huge Stack Package: $200.70 =>Buy Here<=
*To accelerate your results, we’ve included two high-performance supplements. You’ll see more hard, lean muscle faster than ever*

Body Beast BEAST
Beast Stack Package: $254.70 =>Buy Here<=
*To accelerate your results, this advanced kit includes four powerful high-performance supplements to help you pack on solid muscle from head to toe.*


Equipment needed for Body Beast

The equipment that you need for Body Beast includes:

  • Bench or Premium Stability Ball
  • EZ-Curl Bar with weight plates (available upon checkout)
  • Dumbbells
  • Chin-up Bar or Resistance Bands (don’t forget your resistance bands safety clips!)


Body Beast Workouts

Check out these awesome workouts that you get. Remember when you order within our team, you get the FREE Lucky 7 DVD as a bonus!

Body Beast Workouts


=>Bulk Up Today: Get BODY BEAST Today Click here<=

Thanks for reading my post on this incredible beastly program! If you have any questions, post a comment below. Also, feel free to use the social media buttons below to share with others who might be just as excited as we are about this product!!


Bob Sharpe

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