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Buy Shakeology Cheap


buy shakeology cheapAre you searching for ways to buy shakeology cheap? I can imagine, that if you are like me, you can agree it has a hefty price tag on it! I heard all of the facts and details on how shakeology is healthy for you, etc.

But at $129.95 for a 30-day supply, that can be a little too expensive!!

So I did some searching before I became a beachbody coach, and found three awesome ways to save some money. This ranges from small discounts to rather large discounts (including….$Free!).

Already know all about the discounts and want to try it yourself? Click here to try Shakeology.

So in this article I’ll share four awesome ways to buy shakeology cheap. The reason I share four is that some discount options may work for some people and not for others. By sharing four ways,  everyone who is interested in drinking the shake can tap into their favorite discount option!

  • Free Shipping Discount (around $10 off the total cost!!)
  • 10% Discount (also with Free Shipping) each month!
  • 25% Discount (also with Free Shipping) each month!
  • FREE Shakeology each month!


Buy Shakeology Cheap Option #1 – Free Shipping Discount – Instantly Save $10

Purchase on Auto-Ship to Save on Shipping. This is the most commonly known buy shakeology cheap option. Shakeology comes with a 30-day supply, and has the option to auto-ship to you each month. This way you are never without shakeology.

When you order on auto-ship, you get free shipping for the first order, and all repeating orders each month! That will save you around $10 versus paying for the shake just once. If you are interested in just ordering shakeology for one time, still select the “Auto-Ship” option. This way you can save on the shipping.

Then, once you receive your order, e-mail and let them know you are no longer interested in auto-ship.

Click here to get the Step by Step guide to Order for the $10 Free Shipping

==>Click HERE to Instantly Save $10 with Free Shipping on Auto-Ship<==


Buy Shakeology Cheap Option #2 – 10% Discount

Become a Club Member – Save 10% Instantly! Beachbody, the parent fitness & health company that manufacturers Shakeology, offers a 10% discount to it’s exclusive club members.

It is very easy to become a Club Member. The club offers some awesome benefits! You get a meal planner program, and nutrition guide, amongst a lot of other things. The cost of the club membership is $38.97, billed quarterly. This comes out to about $12.99 per month.

This option will give you an immediate 10% off Shakeology (including free shipping if you choose auto-ship). You will also be eligible to get all other Beachbody products (including P90X & INSANITY) at 10% off as well.

==>Click HERE to Save 10% As a Club Member<==


Best Buy Shakeology Cheap Option #3 – 25% Discount – Take Action Now!!

buy shakeology cheapBecome a Coach and Save 25%! This is for those people who are interested in sticking with shakeology. You can get a serious discount with this plan! Simply put, if you want to save the most money month-after-month, you can be an affiliate.

As a Shakeology Affiliate, you can save 25% on all shakeology orders. A shakeology affiliate is called a “Team Beachbody Coach”. But do not worry, this does not mean you are a Coach for the purpose of personal training. A Coach is what Team Beachbody calls their independent distributors.

Check out this image for the cost savings with a 25% discount. There are a few costs with becoming a shakeology affiliate (Team Beachbody Coach). But as you will, even with these costs, the 25% shakeology discount is awesome.

buy shakeology cheap

Isn’t that great!! This is the best route to take to buy shakeology cheap. If you want to waive the $39.95 start-up fee, and get the opportunity to get a work-out program such as P90X or INSANITY, Click HERE to get a Challenge Pack. The challenge pack will allow you to get 25% discounts on future buy shakeology cheap auto-ships, and you will sign-up as a Beachbody Coach, waiving the $39.95 start-up fee.


==>Click HERE to Save 25% On Shakeology as a Beachbody Coach<==


Buy Shakeology Cheap Option #4 – Get it for FREE!

Option #3 and 4 really go hand-in-hand (in otherwords, you can’t have one without the other). As a Team Beachbody Coach (shakeology affiliate), you can also get your Shakeology for FREE. Why not live a healthy life for free, after all? This is the option I took and it works out great.

After your success with Shakeology as a Team Beachbody Coach (after all, you’ll still get that awesome 25% discount), you can share it with others. What is the purpose of life if you can’t share great things with those you love and care about?

If you get 3-4 people on shakeology each month, you will have your shakeology paid for! You earn a 25% commission on all sales, so you can take these commissions and pay off your shakeology month-after-month. How is that as an option for buy shakeology cheap? It truly makes this worth it all, and it is meaningful by helping others find benefit in the shake.

==>Click HERE to Save 25% as a Beachbody Coach and Learn How to Get Shakeology Free!<==


I Want More Info!! What is Shakeology?? – Buy Shakeology Cheap

Before we get to the awesome buy shakeology cheap options, consider this food for thought: a lot of Americans spend anywhere from $3-5 per day on Starbucks, and fast food options. At regular price, Shakeology comes out to around $4/serving. How much is your shake worth to you when it comes down to the daily price? If you find yourself standing in line for one of these less-healthy alternatives, I recommend getting Chocolate Shakeology to start off. You can make it taste just like your favorite Starbucks coffee if you wish, and you will be committing to your health (and saving money both on Starbucks, and Shakeology with the info I’m about to share with you).

If you want some details on Shakeology first, check out this awesome video. If not, continue on to option #1 right below!

These are the four options that I found on how to buy shakeology cheap. Comment below and let me know what questions you have, and if you drink Shakeology, which discount option are you using?


Yours in Health Success,

Bob Sharpe

All About Bob

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here
I hope you enjoyed this article on Buy Shakeology Cheap. If you have any questions comment below!

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