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Focus T25 Speed 1.0 – Day 2


Focus T25 Speed 1.0Today we enjoyed Day 2 of SPEED 1.0. The workout happened late into the night for us (10:00 PM). I’ll be real honest with you all. When I first did P90X, I skipped workouts all of the time (see: P90X Results). The main reason was I did not budget my time, and then it would be almost time for bed. After all, 60 minutes of workout when you are ready for bed just doesn’t smell right…agree?

Well, today the same thing happened, but we BOTH pressed play!! It’s only 25 minutes – why not!? After all, I knew Cristen would be all over it, because we made a deal: Survive 60 days of T25, and get a Brand New Car! 🙂


Focus T25 Speed 1.0 – The Thoughts

Cristen couldn’t get through this workout. She did pretty much the entire thing except the last 7 minutes. The reason being, that we discovered – she didn’t eat ENOUGH! It’s so important to make sure the Nutrition Guide is followed (see the video below – at the end we share a tip about the nutrition guide vs. eating healthy).

Speed 1.0 really focuses on agility. It’s the movements that, when you work at them consistently (like we will with T25), you become better at walking, running, and being nimble on your feet! I sure need that for sure – my balance is AWFUL (I had to use Cristen during some of the balance stretching moves throughout today’s workout).

I again found that we were using our core and abs a lot during the moves. I’m so happy because we are both after those firm, washboard stomachs. The focus on the lower abs especially is exciting, because I’ve gained back a bit of flab around the lower belly that I’m pumped to get rid of for good! It’ll be great to say it only took 25 freaking minutes! WOO!

As for the moves, you can see us doing some of the moves (keep in mind it’s only Day 2 so we’re still learning it all). We will be posting a full Review in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to for more details and fun! (Be sure to also subscribe to us on YouTube!)


Focus T25 Speed 1.0 – Day 2 Video Review

Check out our full video review from Day 2 of Focus T25!

Have you completed Focus T25 Speed 1.0? Comment below and let us know if you did, and also what kind of questions you have, or any tips you have for this workout within the T25 Alpha Phase.

Also, remember that if you are doing T25 (or any workout program thru Beachbody), get your FREE Team Beachbody Account so that we can help you achieve great results with your fitness program!

Until tomorrow, thanks for checking out our Focus T25 Speed 1.0 Day 2 Review!

Yours in Success,

Bob & Cristen Sharpe

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