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Focus T25 Week 2


focus t25 week 2 updateWe are excited to continue to move along with our Focus T25 workout journey! We have just finished Focus T25 Week 2 and are excited to share our updates. Most importantly, the key of WHY one of us may have gained weight. As frustrating as it is to admit that there was a weight gaining problem in this week, I’ll explain my tips in case this happens to YOU on your T25 journey.


Focus T25 Week 2 Statistics

I’m happy to note that I lost a stunning four (4) pounds this week. My diet was pretty darn good, and I followed the nutrition plan well (see the Fitness Success Course for free materials on eating right).

Cristen on the other hand, gained 2 pounds. I know that she wasn’t happy about that news, but we started digging into the WHY. Why the heck did she gain weight, even though she’s doing so much in the workouts?

After narrowing down some options between the different reasons, we came to a conclusion. Sure, the easy question and answer is: “Did you eat right?” and “Are you following your diet?” and “Don’t forget about the nutrition guide!”. We know we’ve been eating right, and as Cristen mentions in the below videos, there are some hiccups to this from her perspective, but it isn’t the entire reason.

Watch the video for our Week 2 update and WHY Cristen may have gained this weight, and what YOU can do if it happens to you!

The Cortisol factor can really make a difference! Think about the stress that you might be doing, even if you have exercised before (this happens to me a lot in the first two-four weeks of a new program).


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