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Focus T25 Workout Review


Focus T25 Workout Review

Can you believe it? We finally have a legitimate solution to working out within a time budget!! Shaun T., the creator of INSANITY, is back with an all new workout program. This Focus T25 Workout Review will give you the details behind this amazing program. There are a lot of different programs out there, so make sure you check out this review to see if this is the right program for YOU!

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FOCUS T25 Workout Review – The Behind the Scenes Video

Focus T25 is here!! Yes, that’s right – you can get amazing results in only 25 minutes per day (and 5 days per week)! By going through three phases, targeted to help the complete beginner to the veteran, you’ll be fit in no time (without wasting a lot of time too). With the Focus T25 Workout Review, you’ll see why I’m super excited about this program, and why you should be too!

In the Focus T25 Workout Review, the “T” stands for Time. The 25 stands for 25 minutes. Combining these two together, we get the benefit of a longer 40-60 minute programs in only 25 minutes. As for the Focus? We’ll let’s just cut to the chase and say the YES, you’ll need to Focus. A lot. Even though it’s only 25 minutes, you get no breaks at all.

If you are wondering what kind of results you will get with this great workout, check out this before and after photo from the test groups:

Focus T25 workout review

YES! I’m ready to get Focus T25!


FOCUS T25 Workout Review – The Phases

From the beginner to the advanced novice, you’re in luck. Shaun T. will work with you to get you the ABSOLUTE best. (For more details see: Focus T25 Schedule).

The Alpha Round

  • Standing Only! Alpha means, “The Beginning”. This means building a strong core and foundation. Learning how to use your muscle groups for the period of time. Learning how to use your core the right way.
  • You will learn about Cardio and progressive movements.
  • There will be a dedicated person available to show you ALL modifications. If you can’t keep up with Shaun T. and the crew, watch Tonya. She will show you how to modify to get the best results.
  • NO Weights and Only Body Weight used in this phase. And of course: Only 25 minutes.

The Beta Round

  • Month two – specifically designed around your core.
  • The most important part of your body is your core (central region). This is what applies the Alpha round education into the Beta round.
  • Speed 2.0 Workout – The ability to use movements quicker and focus (hence “Focus” T25). 7 Standing Up Ab Moves, 7 Seated Ab Moves, and different cores.
  • VERY Exciting. You will learn how to USE your lower abs to help them develop. In most workouts, you end up using your hip flexor which doesn’t always help develop your lower abs. Shaun T. will show you the fundamental approach to using your lower abs for everything.

The Gamma Round (Upgrade Option)

  • Get into the Strength. This includes using weights and maximizing your muscles. You can choose to upgrade either when you purchase or in your challenge pack option.

So are you ready to give this program a whirl? Heck, it’s only 25 minutes long per day anyway, right??

If you try it, you will succeed my friends! Just make sure you use the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide that comes with the program. Also, don’t forget that if you get it with me, not only will you get additional support and tools from me, you’ll get a FREE Bonus DVD (Core Speed).


YES! I’m ready to get Focus T25!


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