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Getting back to YOUR Workouts!


Author: Bob Sharpe, Leading Coach and Owner,

Who cares if you stop working out. Let’s face it, we are ALL human, and things get in the way. Sickness. Travel. Vacation. A boss making us work more hours. The Kids. You name it! The point is, I want to help you ensure you don’t lose those awesome goals that you set to lose weight, get in shape, and feel great. These common issues can sneak up on us and totally throw us off track, so much to the point that we stop aiming for those goals, and a few months later get frustrated beyond belief that we aren’t getting anywhere with weight loss!! Sound like you? Then I encourage you to read on and also check out the video I posted below from my YouTube channel now!

Getting back to YOUR Workouts – The Plan

I’ll be quite honest, I have stopped working out according to the plan I was on with INSANITY, and started having these hap-hazard workouts amongst the stress of each week. So, now that things have settled down, I can keep moving forward with my workouts. I picked up with Week 3 of the INSANITY workout, and plan to go full-speed ahead. That is the first point I want to make to all of you out there today. You do NOT need to wait and start over when the moon and stars align. Even if you do some hap-hazard workouts here and there, pick up the full schedule when you get a moment to do just that!

Getting back to your workouts!Even if you don’t do a program such as P90X or INSANITY, you can still find the time to get back on a regular schedule of running, biking, weight lifting, or whatever your passion is for losing the weight and achieving all of your goals.

But you may ask…”I want to get back on track, but I just don’t have the MOTIVATION to do it!”

No problem. There are a few steps that have helped me and my customers and coach team, and today I’ll share them with you! Below are a few steps that you can incorporate into your motivation schedule for working out:

  1. Look at your Before Photos: Whether you have not lost weight already, or you are down a few pounds since you have taken your Day #1 photos, these can be very motivational. Think about where you are/were. Is that really important to do? What would happen if you stay like that, or go back to that weight? Don’t let it happen, get onto that workout!!
  2. Define your WHY/Revisit your WHY: The most important tip in any goal is to define the REASON you have that goal. Why are you wanting to work out? Why did you start this program in the first place? Understanding the reason why you started the program in the first place and revisiting the reason behind your original decision can help in getting you back to where you want to be. I recently developed a similar blog post on Defining Your Why that you can check out too!
  3. Get involved with others around you: Many have found great success with building relationships amongst other friends and accountability partners. This could be a spouse/partner, neighbor, or a friend. You can hold each other accountable while you both benefit greatly! And of course, you can also join our network of people on Team Beachbody for the ultimate in support from others who are currently going through their programs, or have been through them. Click here to join our team free.

Getting back to YOUR Workouts – Video Review

Check out the video below for my workout video review:

Questions, comments, love? Share and/or Comment below!

See you next time everyone!
Bob Sharpe


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