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INSANITY Asylum Strength Review


insanity-asylum-strength-reviewYo everyone! My INSANITY Asylum Strength Review comes with many smiles! If you’ve ever done INSANITY before, you’ll quickly realize that there is no weight lifting. Well, in the Asylum, that concept is crushed with the STRENGTH Workout. I really love this workout, it’s the best of P90X Shoulders & Arms and INSANITY Cardio series. As Shaun T. mentions at the beginning of this workout, “a good athlete knows the importance of cross-training.” Today is the cross-training day, folks!

Before you start INSANITY Asylum Strength workout, you need a few tools. These tools include:

  1. Dummbells or Resistance Bands (the cool thing about INSANITY Asylum is you can choose which workout to do from the menu screen. Either do the workout focused on dumbbells, or the one focused on bands!).
  2. Chin-Up Bar (if you don’t have one, Shaun T. shows you alternative moves).
  3. A Winning Attitude (all SharpeFIT team members always have that winning attitude!).

INSANITY Asylum Strength Review – Getting Revved Up

Don’t think you are stepping into a body building class of the 70s. With the idea of “Sports Performance” mixed into this workout, you’ll be an inner-athlete. I remember the first time I tried this workout. At first I was shocked at how you could ever mix cardio with weight lifting. But after doing this workout, I couldn’t be more in love with this idea! Onto the details of the INSANITY Asylum Strength Review.


The * on some of these moves is what you’ll also see in my video located below! Also, be sure to share this with your friends who may get some motivation out of The ASYLUM: Share

  • Halo Dead Lift* – This is a move where you take a dumbbell, squat, rise up, and circle the weight around your head (like a halo!). Then, you squat back down, extending your arms down, and then do it again, only reversing the halo (instead of to the left, go around to the right).
  • Skull Crusher Press – Sounds scary doesn’t it? Gwaaaa, I’m the skull crusher – bow down to me! LOL – see, the Asylum makes you INSANE after all :-). Ok back to reality here: the Skull Crusher press is really taking your dumbbell from a resting position, up above your head, and then dropping it down below your head, rising it back up, and dropping it back down to the rest position. A great warm-up for those triceps!
  • Knee Drive Curl* – This move now integrates your abs with your strength. Squat with weight, bring weight up to your eyes, while driving one knee up above the hips.
  • Lateral Squat Row* – Stand straight up with the weight in your hand, drop down to the left (or right) in a squatted position. Lift the weight up in a row, then come back up to the straight-up position. This is a great move for total-body warm-up!
  • Shoulder Tap Push-Ups* – Start in plank position. Do a push up, then tap your left shoulder, your right shoulder, and do another push-up. Half way through this move Shaun T. will have you switch to tap your shoulders with your right first, and then your left (versus your left first, then your right).

That is the FIRST round of the warm-up. But just wait! There is more!! You will do it again, with a slight increase in the intensity and shorter rest between each warm-up move. After that, it’s on to stretching followed-up by a short water break.

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INSANITY Asylum Strength Review – The Moves and Grooves

As I mentioned, my overall INSANITY Asylum Strength Review is that this is a 10/10. The ability to get weight lifting with cardio is a win/win for anyone. Even if you are female, I often get comments that bulking up isn’t in the dictionary for a gal. Don’t worry, this isn’t about bulking you up like Body Beast. It’s about toning the muscles, getting a firm athletic foundation, and living a long, healthy, fulfilling life!!

Throughout the Strength workout, you get the chance to build onto 3 different cardio rotations. Pick your favorite weight and get to know it well – you’ll be grasping onto it through most of the workout program. What is exciting is when I first started, I was using 15 pounds. Now, 17 days later, I can use 25 pounds! I do have 40 pound dumbbells sitting in my home gym as well. Do I dare!?! Maybe someday soon!

The cardio dumbbell rotation really takes a lot out of you. From the pushups, to the progressive dumbbell rotation, to the back flys, it isn’t easy. But after the workout it will leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment. That is one thing I can confidently always say about this INSANITY Asylum Strength Review: I always leave feeling accomplished and that I actually got a GOOD workout in.

So without further delay, check out my video here to see some of the Moves and Grooves of the workout part of STRENGTH.


So let’s talk about YOU. Do you do INSANITY Asylum? Thinking about it? Comment below and let me know what you think. Also, let me know what questions you have. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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