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INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo Review


Insanity Asylum Vertical PlyoVertical Plyo is the hardest workout I have ever done. I was ready to throw the DVDs across the room when I was done!

Hello my friends, I’m excited to bring you this review on INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo. Now that I’m officially halfway through the Asylum program, I can say this is the HARDEST program of the series. In fact, the first two times I did it I got so frustrated I said ENOUGH of this Vertical Plyo shenanigans! I literally got MAD at this particular workout. This workout will test you physically and mentally.

I must repeat that this workout isn’t for the timid. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, or you just aren’t up to a physical fitness level yet, do something like P90X to start.

INSANITY the Asylum – Vertical Plyo Review – Warm-Up

The tools needed for the Asylum Vertical Plyo include:

  • Agility Ladder (comes with the program)
  • Speed Rope (comes with the program)
  • Power Bands (does not come with program, but worth it! Click here to get them)

I don’t use the speed rope simply because I am a very tall guy (6’ 7”) and my garage isn’t big enough. I do want to go outside and try using the speed rope in the near future. As for my Asylum Vertical Plyo workouts, I just try my hardest during the moves involving the speed rope, and a majority of that is in the warm-up and active rest periods.

Here are the moves within the Warm-Up, starting with the Jump Rope Series:

  • Split Squat Jump Rope – this is the move that starts it all. Think about doing the Mary Katherine lunges that you experience in P90X plyometrics, only this time you use the speed rope with the move. Shaun T. mentions a lot about the Lactic Acid that builds up here. What is Lactic Acid? It is basically a natural defense that your body goes through when extreme muscle exertion is performed with limited oxygen coming in. You may say “Limited Oxygen!?! I’m breathing like it’s my business!!” Don’t worry, that is good! But this is a natural thing that happens that leads to extreme results (and of course can lead to soreness if you don’t supplement well afterwards with a Recovery Drink). So, build up that lactic acid during this move!
  • Right Leg Forward – Now we do the split squat jump rope move with the right leg consistently forward (instead of switching the legs).
  • Left Leg Forward – same move as above, only with left leg forward! Keep in mind that your knee should never go beyond your toes!! That is bad for your legs, and the sweet spot is having your knee between your ankle and toes.
  • Abductor Jump Rope – put yourself in a squat position, butt back, with your thighs and legs together.

Time to DROP the Jump Rope and continue the warm-up!

  • Abductor Tuck Jumps – Put your arms in a “T” position underneath your chin. When you come down after jumping you put your left/right arm to each side. Remember here and throughout the entire workout to JUMP FROM THE BOTTOM. So many times when we jump, we come up to a comfortable level before we jump. Don’t do this!

Now, I will save the rest of the warm-up for your OWN challenge with INSANITY the Asylum. Why? Because I will admit that I love this program, and urge you to try it to. If you are looking for the body of your dreams, get it!

Click here to start your INSANITY Asylum Challenge!

INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo Review – Your physical and mental test begins now!

Check out the video below on some of the moves that I attempt in the Vertical Plyo workout. This video was made recently, but isn’t my best work. I have found that I’m getting better at the Vertical Plyo workout as the weeks progress. It really comes down to the truth that if you consistently show up and do your best, you will improve! At first I wanted to throw this DVD across the room and give up. What would have happened if I gave up? Well, I wouldn’t have gotten any better. Might as well eat at McDonalds and give up on Fitness, right? No way! Live a long, healthy fulfilling life, my friend!!

Check out the video here for my video moves for INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo:

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