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INSANITY Cardio Abs Review


Today was my final day of Week 2 in my INSANITY journey! According to the calendar, there are two separate workouts to end the week. INSANITY Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs! Today I’ll talk a lot about my INSANITY Cardio Abs Review

If you haven’t seen my Pure Cardio Review, click here to check it out, as today I will focus on my experience with Cardio Abs. And answer the question I get from my SharpeFIT community a lot: WHAT IS BETTER? INSANITY Cardio Abs or P90X Ab Ripper X? The answer in my humble opinion will be answered in this post!

Insanity Cardio Abs Review

INSANITY Cardio Abs Review

If you don’t already know, I’m a HUGE P90X fan. I had good results with using things such as P90X Ab Ripper X and really defining my ab muscles. Now, I really feel like I’m getting my *butt* kicked with INSANITY, but the real test was in for the abs. I went into this thing thinking: “Will INSANITY Cardio Abs really be as good as P90X Ab Ripper?”

Well, to start off, you do this thing on the same day as Pure Cardio. Dude….
Pure Cardio is a butt-kicker in itself, how dare you consider adding more onto it!! 🙂

Regardless, after I was about ready to fall over at the end of Pure Cardio, I pushed play on Cardio Abs with pride! One thing I noticed that is different between INSANITY and P90X was that Shaun T. has you warm-up in his Cardio Abs.

What does this mean to me? DON’T DO CARDIO ABS AND PURE CARDIO BACK-TO-BACK!!! Who would do such an Insane Thing??? This Guy 🙂 (That’s what makes me crazy enough to create my Four Pillars to Fitness Success, which you can pick up for FREE).

Seriously though, I was burning out pretty bad on Cardio Abs as a result of trying to do them back-to-back. I don’t recommend it if you have the time to split up the two workouts. Maybe do Pure Cardio in the AM and then do Cardio Abs in the PM.

INSANITY Cardio Abs ReviewThe moves are pretty cool, ranging from moves that you do in a C-Sit Position and a Plank Position. To the right is a picture of my boy Shaun T doing some moves in the Plank Position.

So let me guess, by this point you are probably wondering what I think when it comes to INSANITY vs. P90X. Is Cardio Abs really harder or better than P90X Ab Ripper X?

After all, P90X is a widely popular program that has helped hundreds of thousands of people get into incredible shape. So here we go, after completing INSANITY Cardio Abs, I present my opinion:


INSANITY Cardio Abs versus P90X Ab Ripper X – Which one is Better?

I could totally pull a BS move and say “Oh well they are both awesome, do them both”. But you and I both know that is a load of crap and that is not my style. So here we go:

PROS of INSANITY Cardio Abs:

  • Warm-Up: This is nice if you are looking to just jump on a quick ab workout. Warming up is crucially important to optimum results, and Ab Ripper X does not offer this option.
  • C-Sit and Plank Positions: This is nice because when you are in these positions, you are still working your core as you progress from move-to-move. Just sitting on your butt and progressing to each move doesn’t work your core as much as holding plank in between these moves.

CONS of INSANITY Cardio Abs:

  • Stretching: Yes, stretching is also crucially important, but Abs are just one of those things I like to get in and get out with. Don’t screw around with stretching!
  • Focus on the Obliques and Hip flexors: I feel like I worked those two muscles out the most versus the entire core. Although there are a few moves (including the first move, Twists) that remind me of some of the moves of P90X2 X2 Ab Ripper.

PROS of P90X Ab Ripper X:

  • Tony’s Humor: C’mon, who doesn’t love his awesome jokes?
  • Variety of Moves: You aren’t necessarily in the C-Sit and Plank moves, so that means variety. You go from obliques to upper abs, to lower abs, to overall core.

CONS of P90X Ab Ripper X:

  • I pondered this for about 10 minutes….I honestly can’t think of any true cons….


OK – So the long story short: If you want more variety, I’d vote P90X Ab Ripper X. Yep, that is correct, P90X wins the ab prize!

Although, I must say INSANITY as a whole is a MUCH bigger butt-kicker in my opinion.

I have never worked-out or exercised so hard in my life! That includes my time experience with P90X, P90X+, and P90X2.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Insanity Cardio Abs. If you did, share this with your friends and social networks using the social share buttons above and below this page. Also, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts below!


Bob Sharpe

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