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INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance – Day 3

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance Review

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance Review

It is already Day 3 of INSANITY. Don’t worry, I feel INSANE enough, but excited that I’m sticking with this 110%. Today is all about Cardio Power and Resistance. Yesterday’s INSANITY workout (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) left me waking up today feeling sore in my abs and legs! Don’t worry though, it wasn’t the type of soreness that makes you want to lay down and die. This was a mild soreness that reminded me how well I did with the workout yesterday!

So today is Day 3, and I’m entering into this workout ready to see what Shaun T can bring! I drank my Pre-Workout Drink (Energy & Endurance), which I recommend to everyone. Once I got fired up, I hit the ground running (literally….).

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance – My Heart Rates and Efforts

I started off with a Heart Rate of 82 BPM prior to pressing the play button. Then, the warm-up started, and I maxed out my heart rate during the warm-up alone at 174 BPM!!! The average during the Warm-Up was 168 BPM. This, my friends, is why INSANITY is a program that will rip you into shape (and why it only takes 60 days!).

After the warm-up is the stretching, and even through that section my heart rate averaged 124 BPM.

INSANITY Cardio Power and ResistanceThen, during the workout itself, I peaked at 178 BPM and averaged 163 BPM. For those of you who aren’t aware, heart rates can range based on intensity of a workout. The lower your heart rate is, the longer you can train (over time you are able to exert more efforts without increasing your heart rate as your cardiovascular strength increases). Here are the different heart rate zones along with my range for my age:

  • Recovery Zone (Me: 106-125)
  • Temperate Zone (Me: 125-144)
  • Aerobic Zone (Me: 144-164)
  • Threshold Zone (Me: 164-183 *Majority of the INSANITY workout today!*)
  • Redline Zone (Me: 183-193)

How can YOU find your Heart Rate BPM? Go to “Get Fit > Fitness Tools” in your Team Beachbody Account. Don’t have a Free Team Beachbody account yet? GET IT HERE and I’ll be your free Coach!

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance – Warm-Up

The warm-up for this INSANITY work-out is very similar to the previous warm-ups. The moves are repeated three different times. First time is easy-going, second is moderate, and the third time is full-board!

Warm-Up Moves for all three rounds includes:

  • Jog – think about your core during this move and keep it tight!
  • Power Jacks – form is everything, and I must say that the legs get an intense wake-up call!
  • Log Jumps – basically jumping side-to-side like you are jumping over a log!
  • 123 – a heisman move, only adding 3 steps in-between the moves
  • Butt Kicks – Yup….Butt Kicks. Running and kicking your legs in the air to your butt – works the hamstrings and calf muscles well!
  • High Knees – The polar opposite of butt kicks, although it’s a great option for using your core!
  • Vertical Jumps – I like this move because at the end of the warm-up rounds, you can either go deep or just do some basic jumps. Shaun T would probably say “DIG DEEP and DO A LOT!” 🙂

After the warm-up is the stretch and the heart rate stays high while I feel like a champ!

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance – Day 3 Review

This workout is cool at first glance. Mainly because after doing P90X, which has 60 minute long workouts, INSANITY (after the warm-up) is only about 25-30 minutes. This is great, a nice quick workout right? HA HA HA – Let’s just say after the warm-up you realize your first move is Power Jumps, and you start looking more like this kid:

Cardio Power and Resistance

INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance Video Moves:

POWER JUMPS – Basically like a squat, with a jump. Only this time, when you are in your air, you tuck your feet into the sitting position while in the air. Repeat again and again and let the fat fall off of you!

BELT KICKS – I liked this move a lot! Go down in the squating position similar to Power Jumps, and instead of jumping, kick one leg forward, go down, and then kick the other leg forward. A+ move in my book!

HIT THE FLOOR – A nice low-impact move where you do a lunge, put both hands on the floor, stand up with your hands in the air, and then go to the other side and repeat. I felt some good effort in my lower abs during this move.

V-Push-Ups – This is an excellent shoulder workout move. Go into plank, pull your feet closer to your hands and form a “V” with your butt in the air. Now, bring your head down to the floor and repeat. Great shoulder ripper!!

Water Break time!

Repeat this round (above) for a total of 3 times.

TRICEPS DIPS – In a table position, dip your upper body down, putting all focus on your triceps doing the hard work!

LEG TRICEP DIPS – This is one of those moments where I looked at Shaun T. and said “Really, Dude?” – After powering through Tricep Dips and knocking myself on the ground, I now have to do them while lifting one leg at a time. Whew!

TRICEP BALL PUSH-UPS – A combination of the V-Push-Up and the Tricep dips. Mix them together, and you get this move! Not a bad move, and a great move for those abs!!

Water-Break (25 seconds)

HURDLE JUMPS – This move involves running in place and hurdling over from side-to-side. The key here that I had to learn is to HURDLE and not Jump. There is a distinct difference here!! Check out this video to see what this guy is doing when he hurdles. Notice the difference? Hurdle…not Jump!

GLOBE JUMPS – This move is in the Fit Test! Squat position, jumping from front, to left, to right, to back, and jumping around your little globe!

MOVING PUSH-UPS – Ok so this move was a struggle because I was already sweating like a pig. I might has well just jump in the shower with my clothes on at this point. But no….a few more moves remain. Get down in plank….go back and forth while pushing-up. Sounds simple, but keep in mind how worn-out you are with this INSANE workout!!

FLOOR SPRINTS – While in the plank position, you are running (great ab move). Similar to mountain climbers like you see in P90X.

Of course, after this round…you think you’re done until you have to do the 8 Hops & 8 Push-Ups move!! I’m sure if you aren’t already looking like that baby above, you are starting the tears when this is announced!!

It’s basically 8 hop squats, and immediately dropping down into plank and pushing out 8 push-ups…..only to jump back up and start it again. Repeat that about 4 more times and you’re a winner!

To wrap this one up….GREAT workout, and gives you a run for your money. I plan on finding ways to continue to dig deep as I revisit this workout next week. My Week 4 I want to completely master this thing (and be a little more fit, of course!)

Until then…comment below and let me know how YOU’RE doing!!

Bob Sharpe

Thanks for checking out my INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance Review today. Be sure to check out my other reviews under “Workout Reviews” above.

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