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INSANITY the Asylum Day 12 Update – Back to Core


INSANITY Asylum Day 12

As I mention in the YouTube video update below, you may be wondering (if you follow my blog), Where has Bob been?? Well, unfortunately I got a nasty cold. You know, the one that starts with a bit of stuffyness. Then, it progresses to a headache. Then, a mild fever. Then, a nasty cough. Really!?! Trust me, if you ever had this happen in the middle of a motivated workout program, you get MAD! But, regardless, it is not the best idea to work out, so I took a break (see my post, Should I work out when I’m sick?).

But it’s not really about the excuses, is it? Think about it, if all we did is made excuses for why we take a break from these workouts, we’d never succeed! So, what does that mean for me? It’s time to go BACK TO CORE (literally) and give it my ALL. This means a full-out work out till I drop, Bring-It, All-In effort! In fact, Day 15 marks the halfway mark of INSANITY the Asylum Volume 1, so that means another fit test! I must take what I’ve progressed with so far, and make these few last days count. Below are my thoughts on the Day 12 Update!

INSANITY the Asylum – Back to Core – Day 12 Update

What is nice is the fact that today I felt accomplished. I can tell my muscles, balance, and strength improved with the first 11 days of Asylum before my sickness. Taking the break allowed me to repair and heal. With the ability to repair and heal, I was able to notice improvements with this workout! In fact, I haven’t encountered a workout like this one before, in any program! Most workout programs focus only on the core (and yes, the abs burn the day after). This flips the concept of “core” on it’s head, and focuses on your back (hello, neglected back!). The soreness in my lower back and upper back is relieved when I do this workout. In fact, I feel stronger and more flexible after this workout. I really think this one is shaping up to be one of my favorite routines within The Asylum Volume 1. We’ll see! I think the most challenging has to be Vertical Plyo or Speed & Agility. Simply because they both take the most effort and really test all of your physical and mental capabilities!

Back to CoreToday I really felt improvement on the Right and Left Rotator Split Lunge. If you do not know what this is, it looks like the picture on the right. There are three different variations on this move. The second move you are in the position that you see in the picture to the right, holding it for about 30-45 seconds. Ouch. Then, you pulse the arms back and forth ever-so-slightly. What burns? Your upper back, shoulder blades, shoulders, and arms. Oh and don’t forget those abs and core…they are secretly burning too, you just probably won’t feel them due to your arms catching on fire 🙂

The lower back strengthener is still a BEAST. But, this is the move that I’m confident that I’ll use to improve my lower back 100%. Plus, the move you do feels like a swimmer, so I’m sure I will help increase the muscles that can help me swim better.

All-in-all, I rate this comeback day as VERY successful. Stay tuned for my full review on each workout within the Asylum if that is what you are looking for. In the meantime, check out my YouTube video update below.

INSANITY the Asylum – Back to Core – Video Review


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