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New INSANITY Workout Exercises


Insanity Workout exercisesNEW INSANITY Workout Exercises are here, and I’m excited to share them with you! Now, if you are looking for the INSANITY workout program alone, click here. This post is specific about the two additional DVDs that compliment the INSANITY workout exercises. Trust me, they are going to blow the roof off of your expectations.

INSANITY is probably the hardest workout program ever put on DVD. I know personally, because I have tried them myself. I can guarantee that if you at least try and give 50% effort towards this program, you’ll lose weight. It’s tough. It’s hard. But it is designed to totally redefine your health and body. In fact, I’ve even moved on to INSANITY the Asylum which has already given me muscle definition and abs beyond my wildest dreams (and of course the best body I’ve ever had in my life).

So what is the deal with the two additional INSANITY workout DVDs? Well, the cool thing is – they are designed to get you motivated and attack the most important fitness goal: ABS! So, here are the descriptions for both new INSANITY Workout Exercises. They are both a good deal too – only $19.95.

INSANITY Workout Exercises – DVD#1 – SANITY CHECK

I HIGHLY recommend this workout program for anyone that is interested in the program and want to maximize the moves. Shaun T. will get you extremely motivated with this new workout DVD. Not only that, he will explain each move and how to do it the BEST way possible to get the fastest results. Pop this DVD in and work hard at it, listen to all the moves, and you’ll be rocking INSANITY like you are a pro!

Learn more about INSANITY: Sanity Check DVD here

INSANITY Workout Exercises – DVD #2 – Fast and Furious ABS

Similar to the image used for this post, the INSANITY Fast and Furious ABS is what this program needed!! Of course, within the regular INSANITY Workout program, there is Cardio Abs, Insane Abs, and Core Cardio and Balance, BUT – this one is different. How? It packs a 45 minute-long abs workout into 15 minutes. Imagine how quick and intense that has GOT to be!!

So, if you ever wanted to work out your abs the way Shaun T. does, this is the program for you. Ever see his abs? WOW! Get some yourself!!

Learn more about INSANITY: Fast and Furious Abs here


INSANITY is such as popular program that has really helped many people lose a lot of weight and get in good shape. If you have experienced either one of these exercises, or have had great success with INSANITY, comment below and tell me all about it!!

Have a FIT Day –

Bob Sharpe


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