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Not Losing Weight with P90X


not losing weight with p90xYou’re staring at the P90X DVD weeks into the program, frustrated. Why? Because it feels like you are PUSHING yourself to the limits, “Bringing It”, and not getting results. Why you’re not losing weight with P90X could be more than you think, though. In fact, even if you are pushing hard and dieting like a champ, your body could be still holding on to fat! Whoa!!! Can you believe that? Find all of this info out here on my post today on “Not Losing Weight with P90X”

If this is your first time here, welcome. My name is Bob Sharpe, and with P90X I lost 70 pounds. But it wasn’t always easy. I will explain some of the research that I did that helped me figure out why I wasn’t losing weight with P90X, and how I was able to turn it around and get the results I was looking to get.

Ready? Set? BRING IT! (oh…and Tweet it! hehe:


Not Losing Weight with P90X – Watch this Video First

In the video below, Shaun T. from the INSANITY workout program discusses a few tips on why someone isn’t losing weight with his program. Now, I know, it’s not P90X, or our boy Tony Horton. But what the video DOES include is some tips that are so true! Watch this video first, then keep on reading as we will dig deeper into what he is saying in the video:


Did you have a moment to answer all of those questions Shaun T asked? If not, listen to the video again and take some time to reflect. This is some important things that can help your reasons behind why you’re not losing weight with P90X. So let’s dig in and check out these things that he talked about:


Not Losing Weight with P90X Tip #1 – Your DIET & Eating Style

Ready for the cold hard truth, my friend? Diet is what might be killing you. I know, it sucks. It is something I tried to avoid. Tried to beat it. Tried to ignore it. But the DIET wins every dang time. I started focusing a lot on my diet, and what do you know: good things happened.

not losing weight with p90xSo pick up that P90X Nutrition Guide (or the INSANITY Elite Nutrition Guide) if it is getting dusty on your bookshelf. Try to make meals similar to what the guide suggests. I know one struggle I had was that the meals in the nutrition guide required some grocery purchases. I recommend either getting to your local grocery store and getting these things, or just finding a way to eat as close to the diet plan as humanly possible.

BUT most importantly is the timed eating. Did you notice that Shaun T. mentioned eating 5 times per day? This is widely important and was one of my true secret to dropping weight like mad. Once I finally started eating 5 times per day, my results sky-rocketed. I suggest tracking your eating with MyFitnessPal to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories and the right amount of nutrition. Also, keep in mind that Shaun T. mentioned eating 5 SMALL meals per day. Do not go on a feast on your meals.

But why Eat 5 times per day, Bob?

Great question! It has a lot to do with your metabolism. When you let yourself get hungry (when your tummy “growls”), your metabolism slows down. This is a result of your body making sure it doesn’t starve to death. In order to do that though, it must store more fat!! So each time you let yourself get to this point, you are storing unnecessary fat. Where does it land? I have found around my thighs and lower abs. It varies for everyone, but these are my two trouble areas. So make sure you combat this by revving up your metabolism. Give it 5 small meals to keep your body functional (every 3 hours). As a result, you will effectively burn calories, build muscle, and look like an A&F model!! Yeahh baby!

If you are having troubles finding 5 meals, remember supplementation. If you drink E&E or P90X Results and Recovery Formula when you workout, that can count as a meal. P90X R&R alone is around 220 calories after all.

Also, a good meal replacement is Shakeology. If you are struggling to find alternatives to keep 5 healthy meals coming to your body each day, get the shake. The shake may seem pricey, but it breaks down to around $4/day which is the same as that Fast Food (bad) alternative.


Not Losing Weight with P90X Tip #2 – Too Many Breaks

I recently did a post on pushing the pause button when you workout. Bear in mind however that the option of the pause button shouldn’t always be used. The theory behind pushing the pause button is to get yourself ready to push through the entire workout. This doesn’t mean getting into a regular habit of pressing pause every day. There are two big things I want you to think about when it comes to taking breaks that helped me:

  • Would you press pause and take a break if Tony was right there with you? Seriously? If Tony himself came to visit and was in your workout area with you, would you press pause? I doubt it! Go in with this mindset, and really say to yourself “Do I REALLY need this break if I want to succeed?” Ask that question each and every time you want to stop. “Do I REALLY need this break if I want to succeed?” Just to reinforce this one more time for the importance: “Do I REALLY need this break if I want to SUCCEED!?!?!”
  • You are pooping yourself out too quickly! This can be a disease that leads to failure. I can use myself as an example here. There were times (and sometimes still are) that I feel I can be superman and try and lift a heavier weight. But, just as Shaun T. says in the video above, are you getting FULL range of motion? By this he means: Can you lift the weight perfectly for all of the reps you are aiming to do? If you skid out and half-ass it halfway through, you need to get a lighter weight. Think of it this way: “it’s ALL or Nothing” when it comes to weight lifting. If you can’t perfectly do the moves, get a lighter weight until you can.


Not Losing Weight with P90X Tip #3 – The Truth: Don’t Get Unmotivated

A great point that you need to remember, so you don’t get unmotivated, is what is said at the very end. Cortisol! Yes folks, the water retaining stress factor!

Let me explain cortisol as best as I can in my own words.

  • When you have a lot of stress, your cortisol level rises. This is not a good thing just in normal life because it holds on to fat and water like no other. That is why less stress is important in losing weight and feeling great.
  • When you first start working out, especially if you are increasing intensity from what you’re use to, natural stress happens.
  • For the first few weeks, you will retain water, perhaps even put on some more weight (especially women) and get frustrated. But guess what!? Now you know why it’s happening: Cortisol.
  • The exercise cortisol response won’t last forever, so keep pushing play and know this other awesome tidbit: Your cortisol level will balance understanding the exercise benefits you will receive. This means that your cortisol levels will balance out, you’ll lose weight, and your body will react to stress better.

Win win win!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re not losing weight with P90X, and still have questions, Get your Free Team Beachbody Account. I can connect with you personally to check out what we can do to help you achieve the results and dreams you’re after!

Until next time, BRING IT, people!

Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here


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