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Overcoming Obesity: The Richard Neal Story


Overcoming Obesity

This morning I had to reflect on the awesome story of Richard Neal. As a Beachbody Coach I’m very proud of the success that he has accomplished. When we talk about “Life-Changing” here at and within our Team Beachbody community, Richard Neal is a poster child of this very phrase. I start by showing you the best piece of this post, because pictures do share a thousand words. In this example however, I think this picture shares a millions words:

Overcoming Obesity: The Richard Neal Story

I can only imagine the pain and humility that Richard once faced some 242 pounds ago. While I only lost 70 pounds to get to my ideal weight, I felt like crap! Acid reflux, back aches, loss of energy. I can only imagine that if I doubled, or even tripled, my pain, I could even relate to Richard. This is what makes him a hero in many ways. This is a guy who decided, ENOUGH! If you haven’t heard his story yet, he was told he couldn’t have kids, would only live half of his life, and is living as morbidly obese.

Richard started with something called Power 90, graduated to P90X, and also did INSANITY as he started losing more and more weight. Starting at 426 pounds, and dropping down 242 pounds in 18 months. Imagine the energy, health, and overall fitness that Richard has achieved. INCREDIBLE!!

That is what Beachbody is ALL about. I have helped, as a Team Beachbody Coach, over 200 people find fitness, weight loss, and business success here at Check out the inspiring video made about Richard’s efforts in Tennessee. Then, click on the links below the video to sign up for free on our Team Beachbody team, or get started right with a Challenge Pack, just like Richard Neal did 18 months ago.

Overcoming Obesity: Richard Neal’s Video Story

Do the same thing as Richard has done: Decide, Commit and Succeed with a Challenge Pack:

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Until Next Time, Have an amazing day!

Bob Sharpe

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