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P90X Plyometrics Review

p90x plyometrics review

Bob’s P90X Plyometrics Review!

For those of you who have worked out with P90X before, you’ll know that P90X Plyometrics is the REAL DEAL! (Or, as Tony calls it, The X, in P90X). Today I’m going to share with you my P90X Plyometrics Review all the way from day one until today. Trust me, the journey is the most interesting piece! When you first hear about Plyometrics, you may have no clue what that means (I sure had no idea). Plyometrics is a version of high intensity, high impact jump training. It focuses primarily on your lower body (legs, quads, etc).

Well before I did a P90X Plyometrics Review, I started with my first day of Plyo. I was in my first round of P90X in 2010, and was doing the P90X Lean Schedule. If you ever did the Lean Schedule (or you are currently doing the Lean Schedule), you know Plyo is just NOT part of that schedule. But I decided I wanted to give it a try. Why not? ūüôā I immediately popped the DVD into my player and pressed play. I had two choices at that point. Cry like a baby, or try to figure out what to do next. This workout KILLED me. Needless to say, Plyometrics went on the shelf until I started my third round (Classic Schedule). What made it hard for me was all of the lunging!! I never really worked out before I became the fitness geek you know me as today :-), so when I started with P90X, it was a big struggle. If you are struggling with the lunges and leg moves like I did, stay strong! You can also get on my personal coaching team by clicking here for free. I’ll send you daily motivation to make sure you get everything you need to succeed with the MOTHER of X workouts!

Now I’m on my 3rd Round of P90X , and Plyometrics is so much more manageable. For my P90X Plyometrics Review, I want to share a few tips that I have learned along the hard road to glory. After the tips, you can see a preview of the moves with P90X Plyometrics along with the video review. Be sure to also join Bob Sharpe with by getting your Free Team Beachbody Account today.

P90X Plyometrics Review Tip #1 – Pace Yourself

Too many people go full-force into the first circuit of Plyometrics, only to completely crash and burn not even half-way through the workout. For example, on Jump Squats (the very first move), don’t go full board on jumping like a madman (or woman!). Take it down slow, and do a small bunny hop if anything (especially if you’re new at this program). As time progresses you’ll be able to champion the entire workout while sticking with all 58 minutes.

I really recommend sticking with each move to the best of your ability. For example, if you start off great with jump knee tucks, and get tired halfway through the moves, don’t just stop. Try just jumping a little bit, or just kick your legs up in the air. Whatever you can do to keep moving or at least doing the move at half-capacity will get you faster results (see the “Keep Moving” tip below).

Having a Difficult Time? or Need More Intensity? Follow the Kids! – P90X Plyometrics Review Tip #2

If you have problems with Plyometrics, or feel you can’t get through it, I hear you. My very first time I remember that I felt like Plyo kicked my butt and charged me money¬†to get it back. So, if you’re having a difficult time, follow Pam the Blam as she does most modified moves. In time you’ll surprise yourself as you get better! Do not try to follow the crazy kids if you can’t. Start slow, leave your ego at the door, and you’ll find out how fast your results will start coming in (it sure worked for me, and will work for you too!).

If you are crazy and wild, follow Dominic. This guy is off the wall with how much energy and strength he has to take Jump Knee Tucks and Mary Katherine Lunges to the extreme for the full 30 seconds. If you follow him regularly during Plyometrics, contact me or comment below because I want to virtually shake your hand!!

P90X Plyometrics Review Tip #3 – The Key: KEEP MOVING

I say this because I feel like I didn’t originally follow this tip during my first round of P90X. If you can’t get through a move 100%, don’t sweat it. What I¬†suggest to you, is¬†keep moving somehow, some way. This could be simply marching in place, doing jumping jacks, or doing a modified version of the current move. Keeping your movement going keeps your body geared up to the workout so you can conquer the remainder of the work out. Plus, you’ll find that in time, you get better at the moves much quicker than just stopping.

If you have any other questions or thoughts on P90X Plyometrics Review, I’d love to hear all about them!! Post them as a reply to this blog, e-mail me, or post to our Facebook page.

P90X Plyometrics Review – The Moves

This workout is intense, so enjoy the breaks throughout the workout.

There are four moves grouped together, and about 6 groups total (which includes the bonus round). You do each group, twice through, and then take a break. Do not burn yourself out in the first group or you will be crying throughout the rest of the P90X Plyometrics workout!

Jump Squats (30 secs) – This is the first move of the first group. You go down into a squat, and jump up into the air. You don’t have to jump too high, or squat too low – this is just the beginning!

Run Stance Squats (30 secs) – picture yourself going for a run. It is similar to the prior move only you are in a runners pose. You do four squats, and then jump and spin to the other side for another 4 squats.

Airborne Heisman (30 secs) – a heisman is a little difficult to describe, but it is the picture of what Tony is doing above this post. See how his one leg is up towards his chest? You do this, then jump to your other leg while pulling the opposite leg up towards the chest. It’s a big of a balance move while also jumping around. A love this move!

Swing Kicks (60 secs) – these are a lot of fun! Take a stool or a chair and kick your legs over the chair one at a time. The higher your chair, the higher you have to kick up and swing your leg over it! I started with a small little stool, but now I use a bar stool for swing kicks! BRING IT!

This is the end of the first group. You will repeat this group again, and then take a quick 30 second break before moving onto this next group.

Squat Reach Jump (30 secs) Рas Tony mentioned in P90X Plyometrics, this is a slightly intensified version of the first move (jump squats). This time, you put your fingers/hands on the floor in the squat, and then jump higher.

Run Stance Squat Switch Pick-Up (30 secs) – the same as the run stance squats, only you switch around after ever squat, instead of every 4th squat. If you need to modify this one, just step-thru versus jumping.

Double Airborne Heisman (30 secs) – Another fun move that I like! For this one you are doing the airborne heisman. But instead of just jumping from side to side, you add a step in between the jumps (like the “tires” move). This one will make you work hard! Get ready to spike your heart rate. But it’s fun ūüėÄ

Circle Run (60 secs) – this is a nice move, and isn’t overly difficult. You put your towel on the floor, and run clockwise around the towel for 30 seconds, then counter-clockwise for the remaining 30 seconds.

YAY! Do the group again, and you get another wonderful break. Enjoy those breaks. I use them to catch my breath and shake out my poor old sore legs!

Jump Knee Tucks (30 secs) – “The mother of the moves” as Tony¬†calls this one. It took me a long time to get this one¬†to a point¬†where¬†I could keep up with the video. You are jumping in the air while kicking your butt with your feet. Be warned, Tony picks up the speed about¬†halfway through this move. On the second round, Dominic does these as the faster pace for the entire 30 seconds. Puke! Lol

Mary Katherine Lunges (30 secs) ¬†– I struggle with this move a lot. This is a runners lunge that you switch left leg front, then right leg front. Because my legs have always been a bit weaker than the rest of my body (and the fact that they are so long since I’m 6′ 7″), this hurts fast! I usually step through versus jump to modify this move.

Leapfrog Squats (30 secs) – Ok, by now your legs should be feeling pretty sore (or at least worn out). If not, you need to double check how much you’re bringing it! This time you squat down and leap front twice, and then back twice, just like a little leapfrog!

Twist Combo (60 secs) – I love this move a lot. Be sure to turn up the audio because the music goes along so well with this move. You get your ski poles out (not literally of course) and turn your feet in three different directions, left, front, and right for 30 seconds. Then, for the remaining 30 seconds, you jump to the left and back (about-face jump).

Look at you! You’ve made it to another break (after repeating this group once more through). Before you know it, you will be a P90X Plyometrics superstar!

P90X Plyometrics Review

Me and my crazy self rocking out with the Plyo Rock Star Hops

Rock Star Hop (30 secs) РI view these as jump knee tucks. High intensity with high impact with no doubts. Pretend you are on stage as a rock star in the 1980s. Jump up there, strum the guitar, kick yourself in the butt, and repeat it. You will do 15 secs to the left, and 15 secs to the right. On the second round, you pick up the pace quite a bit.

Gap Jump (30 secs) – Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go. Tony starts singing this famous rhyme as you jump over an imaginary gap in your house. Make sure you have enough room to make this move count. If you are in a tight space, squat before you jump, just to get some intensity out of this move.

Squat Jack (30 secs) – just like jumping jacks, only with squats. You start out with a regular jumping jack, and then you start going down into squats while putting your hands behind your head. If your legs are weak like mine (especially the quads) this one will take some time to make some magic with keeping up with the crew.

Military March (60 secs) – Low Impact, High Intensity. I feel like I’m in the Military as I’m doing this move. You start with your left arm back, right leg up, then begin to march as you alternate left arm/right leg, and right arm/left leg. This one will work out your shoulders and lower abs very nicely. Plus, I find this to be a nice break after all of those high impact moves we just did.

Do this round once more, and you’ll be blessed with another fun break…

Before we move on, if you are on the P90X Plyometrics Review looking for some information on how to improve, consider joining my next Challenge Group. That way you can get the support, the tools, and the supplements you need to get the body and the results you want. It’s fun and exciting!

Run Squat 180 Jump Switch (30 secs) РIn the run stance squat jumps, you are switching your legs. In this move, you are sticking with one leg. Meaning you start with you left leg and arm, and then jump back and forth for the 30 seconds. On the second round of this group, you will use your right arm and right leg.

Lateral Leapfrog Squat (30 secs) – I always feel like I’m playing basketball during this move for some reason. Blocking the players from scoring the next basket! You jump from side-to-side instead of front-to-back as you did with the original leapfrog squats above.

Monster Truck Tires (30 secs) – if you ever saw people jumping through tires on TV or out and about, you’ll know what this is all about. You will be jumping through imaginary monster truck tires! Make them big, and get your legs up as high as you can to get a good workout for those lower abs.

Hot Foot (60 secs) – This move is HARD in my opinion. One of the harder moves, and it really works your leg and calf muscle out big time. All you are doing is standing on one leg and making a cross in the floor as you’re jumping (almost like you are jumping around on hot coals). Your leg immediately gets tired and it pushes your limits for sure.

This is your final break! Next is the bonus round. Please, do not treat the bonus rounds as “optional” if you want true results. Get in and go ALL-IN here people! Let’s get moving:

Pitch and Catch – In this move you are throwing pitches, simple as that! This is a full motion pitch, so lifting your leg and throwing the ball while then squatting down to catch the ball.

Jump Shot – It’s now basketball time. You catch the basketball from the right and shoot with your left hand. Focus on your squats and jumps here. These moves are basic but intense (after all, you just did most of P90x Plyometrics, don’t you think it’s time to start taking it a bit easy for crying out loud!!! lol).

Football Hero – This is where you are doing an exaggerated version of the monster truck tires. Four jumps to the top, and then four hops back. This is the final move before you are:

Done with my basic P90X Plyometrics Review! Congratulations!! Be sure to replenish the right way with something like the P90X Results & Recovery drink at minimum.

I hope you enjoyed this post on P90X Plyometrics Review. If you did, be sure to share this with awesome people that you know today!

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Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

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In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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