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P90X Yoga X Review


P90X Yoga X ReviewToday in my P90X Yoga X Review I’m not going to bore you with senseless details. You can get them anywhere, right? Today we are going to talk about what a majority of people think about P90X Yoga X:

  • It’s LONG
  • It’s Weird

Have I hit the nail on the head with any of you? When I first started P90X in 2010, I skipped P90X Yoga X a lot. I figured it wasn’t worth my time and it was weird. Honestly – during my first round of P90X, I did Yoga X 3 times. Yes. That’s it.

Flash forward to the current round of P90X, I’m loving every minute of Yoga. Why the change? Because I decided to give in and just stick with the entire P90X program step by step. What this did for me is completed opened my eyes. Not only did I realize it was hard work, but I was getting better at the “hardcore” workouts like Ab Ripper X, Chest, Shoulders & Tris, and Plyometrics. My improvement all came back to Yoga. My flexibility and internal muscle strength from all of those vinyasas and core balance moves paid off handsomely.

So today I will share a few important tips that I did when going through this next round of P90X. For those of you who are having the same struggles that I go through, I hope these are helpful.

P90X Yoga X Review – Why is the Program SO LONG!?

Clocking in at 92:24, Yoga X is the longest program in P90X. I did some research to understand why this program was so long. On the surface there is a lot that you do, but why?

What I found out is that you target Strength (beginning 45 minutes), Balance (second 20-30 mins), Core (near the end), Mindset & Flexibility (entire program).

The foundation of all of these together makes for a killer workout. Believe it or not you will SWEAT if you take Yoga X seriously and actually do the workouts time and time again. So long story short, the program is longer to make sure you are hitting all of these foundations (Strength, Balance, Core, Mindset, Flexibility), while also digging deep into each foundation. You could easily substitute with an easier Yoga Program, but the goal of why you are doing P90X goes out the window!!

P90X Yoga X Review – Tips to Stop Whining and Just Doing It…

If you want abs, a toned body, and to get the absolute BEST results from P90X you MUST do P90X Yoga X. Bottom line. If you are like me though, you may whine a lot about the thoughts of P90X Yoga X. Maybe you hate it because of one (or all) of the following issues:

  • It’s HARD
  • It’s way too Long and Time Demanding
  • I fall all over the place and I’m unbalanced
  • My friends/family think I’m weird when I do the “Oooommmms” at the end.

All of the above bullet points are whiny excuses.

Now that that’s out of the way, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I share the same whiny excuses. I think it’s hard and ridiculous that I sweat like a pig for just moving around awkwardly. I hate the length of it, my day is already packed to the last minute. I fall all over the place a lot. My balance, especially on my right hand side, is completely jacked. I feel VERY awkward doing the “oooomms”.

With all of the mucky excuses, I have managed to stick with Yoga X week after week. Below are my tips to stick with P90X Yoga X (also explained in the YouTube video on my channel).

P90X Yoga X Review Tip #1 – Schedule the Time

I know it sounds mundane, but you have to get serious with this. If you REALLY want results with P90X, you MUST do Yoga. If you are skipping out on Yoga X and not doing the entire workout, you must take the time to get serious with yourself. Schedule this time.

I personally have Yoga X every Thursday. So I know I must schedule my time accordingly on Thursdays to make sure that I have enough time for Yoga. This mean doing the entire 92:24 length. Plan to Fail if you Fail to Plan.

P90X Yoga X Review Tip #2 – Get Over Yourself

This one is a big one. Get rid of your ego, the worry about the “ooommss”, and throw the thoughts of proper balance out the door. This will be hard at first. You may stumble and tumble all over the place at first. The key is trying to maximize your results, and getting better day-by-day, week-by-week. The only person judging you is YOURSELF. So stop doing it!

You are going to be off balance, and you will shake a lot. This is your body improving itself. The more shake usually means GOOD! You will eventually start noticing the benefits as your other workouts in P90X launch to new heights.

P90X Yoga X Review Tip #3 – Clear Your Mind

When Tony Horton says this in P90X, it really means throwing EVERYTHING out the door. I used to go into P90X thinking about my day, what I had to do, and everything in between. I decided to stop thinking about everyone. Who really cares. Go into this thing with the “I don’t care, I’m just going to do this thing, and not think about anything”. Almost let your mind go numb.

What I noticed is that I started feeling less of the annoying pains and frustrations with P90X Yoga X and more of the enjoyment of just living life. Try it – you might just amaze yourself!

Still Not Sold on P90X Yoga X? Check out this P90X Yoga X Review with Tony Horton

In the video, you can see the P90X Yoga X Review with Tony Horton where he explains more benefits out of the Yoga X program.

Now, it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know what YOU think of Yoga X! What are you struggling with that I can help answer? What do you like about it? Comment below and let’s get chatting!

Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

All About Bob

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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