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P90X2 Base and Back Review


P90X2 Base and Back Review –

What an awesome workout! For those of you P90X superstars that do Legs & Back, this is the X2 version of that workout. The big difference is, it combines Plyometrics with Pull-Ups – what does that mean? An intense and satisfying workout! I’m excited to bring you my P90X2 Base and Back Review along with a YouTube video update that is also posted below!

P90X2 Base and Back Review

The Moves – P90X2 Base and Back Review

The very first move is called the No Kip Pull-UP. What the heck is that? Its basically doing a wide-front pull-up without any movement in your body (think about pulling yourself up like a board). This is hard for me for two reasons: 1) I’m a TALL guy, so I usually have to bend my legs, otherwise I’m standing on the floor with little-to-no room to do the pull-up :-). 2) Pull-Ups are hard for me (I’m the kid in high school that could never do even 1 pull-up during the presidential fitness exams of the past). If this sounds like you, either during the No Kip Pull-Up or any type of Pull-Up in P90X2 or P90X, consider using a chair to straighten yourself out. This will give you extra support and also help you build up your muscles that support the ability to pull-up!

We move along to some plyo moves as well, including Plyo Frog Squat, Surfer Spin, and everyone’s favorite: Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tucks! I want to take a moment to talk more about the Jack-in-the-Box knee tucks. For those of you who are familiar with P90X Plyometrics, you will probably know all about the Jump Knee Tucks (after all, they are the MOTHER of all the moves :-)). Now imagine doing Jump Knee Tucks while going down into a squat (down into your box, pop-up like a Jack-in-the-Box, and then do a knee tuck). Do this 20 times and you’ll be sweating like a pig 😉

P90X2 Back and Back Review – YouTube Video Review

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