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P90X2 Workout Schedule available here!


Are you looking for the P90X2 workout schedule and guides? Do you have outstanding questions on what in the world the phases and time schedule represent? Well today I’m going to answer your questions!

The Phases
P90X2 workout program is divided into three separate phases, just like P90X. What is nice about P90X2 is that you can flex your phases based on your improvement areas! What I mean by that, is that if you want to improve upon your balance in the foundation phase (phase 1), you can extend the amount of weeks you do the phase up to 6 weeks! On the alternative, if your balance is good and you want to move to the strength phase (phase 2) faster, you can do the minimum (3 weeks) of Phase 1 in an effort to move along to Phase 2!!! Awesome!

So let’s talk briefly about each Phase. I’m not listing out the workouts associated with each Phase, if you are looking for that, scroll down and click the workout sheet link which will provide all of the details!

Phase 1 – Foundation (3-6 weeks)
This phase is dedicated to providing the ground floor framework of your foundation which will support the Strength and Performance phases that lie ahead. Don’t expect a lot of muscle gain if that is what you are looking for (that will come soon enough) – this phase is about building up the foundation, and the core (hello ABS!) to get you prepared to achieve the impossible 🙂

Personally I completed Phase 1 for 5 weeks because my balance is poor and I wanted to work on improving the overall balance problem.

Phase 2 – Strength (3-6 weeks)
If you’ve ever done P90X, this phase will be familiar to you as it follows the guide that P90X used for all 3 phases. You’ll enjoy an enhanced workout on Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, and of course your legs! You will also start seeing Ab Ripper X2 more often (3 days per week).

One quick mention: don’t go longer in extending the weeks beyond the maximum recommendation. 6 weeks maximum for Foundation and Strength, and 4 weeks maximum on Performance. The reason being is you don’t want to ruin the core success of P90X programs, and that is “Muscle Confusion!”

Phase 3 – Performance (3-4 weeks)
In this phase you’ll be introduced to Post-Activation Potentiation which is the money behind the magic with P90X2!  Read the fitness guide that came along with P90X2 to learn more about P.A.P. and it’s awesome benefits from taking you to PRO in the last 3-4 weeks of the program!

Recovery Weeks
Just like P90X, there are recovery weeks available that include myofascial release with the foam roller and X2 Yoga. Again, going back to my love for the flexibility of P90X2, you don’t have to do all 6-7 days of recovery weeks like you did with P90X. It is recommended that you take a recovery week every 3-6 weeks with the program, but it isn’t necessarily required.


P90X2 Workout Schedule PDF Download

=>Please click here to download the P90X2 Workout Schedule with all of the different worksheets that you can print off and use to your advantage!<=

I hope you found the worksheets and basic info on P90X2 helpful. If you did, please share and like the page using any of the social media buttons on the top and bottom of this post. Also, leave me some comments and let me know if you are doing the P90X2 workout schedule! BRING IT, AGAIN!

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