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Shakeology Flavors


Shakeology Flavors are represented by five distinct tastes. I will warn you today that I will be providing my honest review on all Shakeology flavors without any hype. There are those flavors that are more or less better than others, if you ask the many people who have tried the shake here at Most people realize that Shakeology is a healthy and nutritious shake, but aren’t aware of the different flavors.

In fact, some flavors offer vegan options for those who lean more towards the vegetarian lifestyle. So let’s get right to it with exploring each of the 5 Shakeology flavors!


Shakeology Flavors – All four Flavors exposed!


shakeology flavorsChocolate Shakeology I will start with my favorite first! This is what I like the call the guilty pleasure drink. Why? Because as you are drinking it, you forget it’s actually a nutrition shake. That’s right, it tastes like a desert! What is amazing is that it also comes with different recipes that you can mix it up with daily. If you don’t like Chocolate, definitely try another flavor, or if you do love Chocolate, check out the nutrition label. This tells you that the guilty pleasure is actually the best food decision you will probably have all day! MY VOTE: Yummy!


Vanilla Shakeology – JUST introduced this year, Vanilla Shakeology has been long awaited. (See: Vanilla Shakeology for more info). While it sounds like it’s going to be incredible, I don’t have an opinion yet since it is so brand spankin new. I do recommend checking it out for your flavor if you aren’t a Chocolate fan. Comment below and let me know if you are trying Vanilla Shakeology, and what you think! I’ll post up your reviews on this site so we can all check this flavor out as it develops.


Greenberry ShakeologyA lot of people get thrown off by Greenberry because they think it is a berry shake. It is not a berry shake, it is quite the opposite. If you don’t like sweets, this is definitely the Shakeology flavor for you. The berry represents the superfood ingredients that come in all shakeology flavors. When I first tasted Greenberry Shakeology, it almost tasted like bubble gum at first. Then later in the drink I also got hints of wheat grass and herbs. Keep in mind that this flavor isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t like Chocolate or sweets, this is definitely worth your time. A lot of people also like to blend it with oranges and other fruits to enhance the taste and experience of this healthy shake. Check out the Green Berry nutrition label. My VOTE: Yucky (I love sweet chocolates and tropical drinks – Greenberry just isn’t the best, in my personal opinion!).


Tropical Strawberry ShakeologyThis is another great flavor similar to Chocolate (great alternative to Chocolate in fact). What is really cool about this one is that it is 100% vegan. This means that the protein is brought into the shake from brown rice extract versus animal byproduct. So, if you are a vegan eater, this shake is for you! This is a great shake that has a fruity flavor. In the past, many people rated this shake as tasting chalky, but I have some good news! Since then, this particular formula has changed slightly which has gotten rid of the chalky after-taste. Now, you can truly enjoy the tropical flavor it produces. I really think this is another great shake when it comes to the guilty pleasure. You can feel like you are sitting on a warm sandy beach sipping on a tropical drink of choice. The reality? You are giving your body good nutrition and eating right. Sounds like a win/win situation to me! Check out the Tropical Strawberry nutrition label here. My VOTE: Yummy!


Chocolate Vegan ShakeologyLet’s say we take the great tasting Chocolate flavor and make it vegan. What do we get? Chocolate Vegan Shakeology flavor, of course! It is made with natural cocoa so it is not as sweet as the Chocolate flavor. This means that it is more of a darker chocolate taste. For those dark chocolate fans, get in on this one! What is amazing is that you get the benefits of the great chocolate flavor while keeping the protein from the brown rice extract which upholds the vegan expectations. One more thing, this option also includes 4 additional superfoods. Hello! Definitely no Shakeology Scam here! Check out the nutrition label for the deets! My VOTE: Yummy!


So, which one will be YOUR Favorite? Click the button below to choose your favorite flavor. Remember that there is a 30-day return option if you don’t like the flavor you choose, you can always swap it out. Most people realize the health benefits, weight loss, and improve cholesterol after 30-60 days of daily drinking of this incredible shake.

Get your favorite Shakeology flavor now:

Shakeology Flavors



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P.S. I hope you found this post on Shakeology Flavors helpful. If you are already drinking Shakeology daily, comment below and let us know what YOUR favorite Shakeology flavors are.

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