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Shakeology Price

shakeology price

Shakeology Price is Expensive! But is it actually a Blessing in Disguise?

One of the biggest hold ups to buying Shakeology for a lot of people is the Shakeology Price. When you look at how much the Shakeology price is, it seems to be a little too expensive!!

However, when you dig deeper into the Shakeology Price, you’ll notice that there are incredible bargains out there and it’s a great value for what you get.

So keep reading, and I’ll share with you what makes the Shakeology Price worth the money, and real proof of how I saved money on an old addiction I had (Coffee!).


Cost of Shakeology – Shakeology Price

In case you don’t know the price of Shakeology, here is the break-down. When you order a bag of Shakeology, it comes out to around $4/day with a 30-day supply.

If you order the individual serving packets, you’ll receive 24-packets which comes out to around $5/day.

The reason the individual serving packets costs more is because it is more expensive to manufacture and create each individual bag (although these are convenient if you are on the road a lot!).


Why does it cost so much? – Shakeology Price

I often have a lot of people swing by my site or see me at a fitness convention/expo and show real interest for Shakeology. They see how much weight I’ve lost with Shakeology, and also see all of the other great stories from our community.

But then….I tell them the price, and I get the funny face look. The face says it all: “WOW that is expensive!”  Not only that, I’ve had many team members who order Shakeology to try it, and haven’t stopped because they realize the amazing value it offers.

Watch this video now to see what Shakeology can do for you:

shakeology price order


It this worth the price? Shakeology Price

My buddy went out to different supermarkets and whole foods stores to gather up all of the ingredients that is in one serving of Shakeology. After we divided his receipt of all the good foods that he bought, one serving would come out to $41.58!!!!

That is way too much money, especially when you compare it to the $4 per serving that you’ll be paying when you buy Shakeology regularly.

Here is my own proof! I started drinking Shakeology in November of 2011. I have a specific checking account that I use for all of my Gas & Food-related expenses. As you’ll see from the two graphs below, I not only reduced how many times I was buying that unhealthy cup of Starbucks, but my OVERALL spending went down!!!

How? Because Shakeology helps control food cravings, so I no longer craved the unhealthy trips to McDonalds or that extra meal at our employee cafeteria.

See for yourself, as I show you the results out of my own personal Food & Gas checking account!

Shakeology Price

As you can see, I was saving an incredible amount of money after starting Shakeology in November. In fact, Shakeology acts like a salad and tastes like a desert!!

So I had my sweet tooth satisfied with Shakeology without buying all of those Starbucks cups. And yes, before August 2011 my average monthly Starbucks bill was $70-80 per month. Yikes.

Now check out how my overall food bill decreased!! Of course, I had to struggle with gas prices going up since I use this account for both, but the food alone saved me a ton of money:

Shakeology Price

That’s nearly a $100-200 savings per month!!! Totally pays for the healthy nutrition that I fuel my body with everyday.

If you are serious about saving money and committing to a HEALTHIER lifestyle for yourself, it’s time to commit. If you see the value in this nutrition like I originally did, click the green button below right now.

shakeology price order


How do I order Shakeology and save the most money? – Shakeology Price

The absolute best way to save extra money is to order Shakeology on Auto-Ship (Home Direct).

You’ll get Shakeology each month so you won’t run out. The best part is, Shipping is FREE which saves you around $10 per month! This is a great way to save money, plus you’ll get access to two FREE digital workouts with Shakeology.

I encourage you to try out Shakeology on Auto-Ship now, and you can always stop your monthly shipment if you want (and you’ll still end up saving on shipping costs).


How to save 25% off of the Shakeology Price and even get it for FREE

If you are wanting to try Shakeology and save 25% off of the Shakeology Price, then listen up!

The way to save 25% is to become a Beachbody Coach. Now, there are costs associated with being a Coach (to handle your online office & website fees), but you will still save around $15-20 per month.

If you are going to drink Shakeology for at least 2-3 months and longer, consider becoming a Beachbody Coach to save on the discount.

Not only that, if you get only Three other people to order Shakeology from you, you’ll get your Shakeology paid for with affiliate commissions. This is helpful when people start asking you how you’re losing weight and what makes you so much healthier. Now you can refer them and make money.

Become a Beachbody Coach and Save 25% off the Shakeology Price by clicking here

or, just order Shakeology without the Beachbody Coach Discount:

shakeology price order



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