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Shakeology Review – Does this stuff live up to the claims?


Are you looking for a REAL, No Bull Crap Shakeology Review? Great! You have come to the right place.

Shakeology Review

Shakeology Review – Is it Worth your Money?

I got sick and tired of looking around for a REAL Shakeology Review that wasn’t talking about FACTS and Sunshine and Rainbows (you know what I mean)?

I believe my real hang-up with the Shakeology Review started in 2011. At the time I was in my 2nd round of P90X and really struggling. I couldn’t get the weight loss I wanted, and I realized it was due to nutrition. I heard a lot about this Shakeology product.

I kept looking for that one review that would say that it totally sucks. That way, I could dismiss it for my Whey Protein shake I was drinking at the time.

Below I will give my honest Shakeology Review as an avid fitness geek. I was once very skeptical of Shakeology (mainly because of the price).

I decided to put it to the test, but first I want to share my story. It is important to know why I finally gave in to Shakeology, and where my life used to be!

My Personal Shakeology Review – The Story

The Year was 2010. I knew I wanted to FINALLY lose weight and feel great. It was hard facing issues with gaining weight, feeling like crap, and having constant flare-ups of Acid Reflux problems (indigestion and worse!!). I tapped into the famous P90X workout program, and started in in June of 2010.

After 90 days, I did NOT look like the Guys with the ripped abs and awesome bodies. I lost about 50 pounds at that time, and was happy yet disappointed. I knew I had to do more!

On the inside, while I was bringing it with P90X every day, I was failing with nutrition. I still had Cookies & Cream Ice Cream almost every night, and I was a HUGE Arby’s Fan. Not to mention, I go INSANE when McDonald’s Monopoly game comes into town. I used to eat there almost every day. This type of nutrition won’t help you get a P90X Body (sorry…).

I was drinking a Whey Protein Shake every day, but the results weren’t showing. I tried to find a BAD review of Shakeology, but really couldn’t (it made me a bit mad honestly). I really didn’t want to spend the $129.95 per month on the shake. In fact, I was buying a very cheap product from Target (around $9 per month). It had about 9 grams of protein and 24 grams of sugar per serving (they called it a “health shake”).

But then something resonated with me. If I wanted to get real results, and get better health/nutrition, I had to go “All-In”. If all of these other people were getting awesome results with Shakeology, why couldn’t I? Well, I made a decision:


Shakeology Review – I Decided To Shut-Up And Try It

Shakeology Review Results

My Shakeology Review Results

I went all-in and ordered the Shake. As part of my Shakeology Review, I will come clean and say that I still drink it today (almost 2 years later). I went for the Chocolate Flavor and have been drinking Chocolate ever since day 1 (the other flavors don’t taste good after I sampled them later on).

When it comes down to spending around $4 per day on a Shake (even though I was spending that on fast food), I wanted to know what it would do for me. Before I hit the “buy” button, I wanted to know more. Shakeology makes some bold claims that it can help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Increase your Energy
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduce Junk Food Cravings
  • Improve Regulation and Digestion

This video also helped me understand it more. Check it out and see for yourself:

So after it was all said and done, what happened?? I’m glad you asked! Here are some of the awesome benefits that I found out of the Shake (which quite honestly surprised me, being that I was skeptical at first):

  • Crushed P90X and lost a total of 70 pounds – great results!
  • Gained energy, and not as hungry in the morning (I drink my shake at the end of the day as a night time snack).
  • My finger nails grow faster
  • My hair is healthier and grows fast (which…my wife hates – she is nice enough to cut my hair for me, but now she’s doing it MUCH more hahaha).

I like the fact that I got these benefits out of providing the right nutrition for my body. If you’re not sure about all of the nutritional value that comes in Shakeology, see Shakeology Nutrition Facts.

My recommendation? Take action like I did if you are serious about wanting to get better nutrition and losing weight. A Whey Protein Shake or some other unnatural Health Shake will not slice the bread (I know from my own experience). If you are worried about the price, see my super secret Shakeology Discount Option.

Or, you can order Shakeology on Auto-Ship to save around $10 on Shipping costs (you can cancel the auto-ship anytime you want). Also, if you order here on my site, I will include FREE tips and coaching on weight loss and keeping on top of your fitness (so you can stay fit, feel amazing, and live an awesome life!).

Shakeology Review



Shakeology Review – What I Do NOT Like About Shakeology

I do not want you to waste your time or money on a bad shake. But of course, I want to make sure that you also get good quality info on the Shakeology Review as well. So let’s talk about a few of the things I do not like.

  • The Greenberry flavor tastes horrible. I’m serious about that (in my opinion)! If you are looking to taste a health shake, get Greenberry. If you want to taste something that is good, get Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry flavor. Greenberry is nasty.
  • The Lack of Competition! This goes along with the next point I make (on cost). But, I have tried to look for other Shakeology Alternatives. You know, anything from whey protein to the cheap meal replacements at Target and Wal-Mart. Nothing is out there. It’s not so much about the “Nutrition Facts” portion of Shakeology, but the superfoods that come in each serving. The ingredients in the superfoods is what makes this shake powerful. So, this ends up being a good thing and a bad thing, which leads us to:
  • Cost. For a 30-day supply, the shakes cost $129.95. This comes out to about $4.33 per shake. Not bad if you look at it from the perspective of replacing a meal at $4.33, but you do pay up front for the 30-day supply. There are ways to get discounts (see: Shakeology Discount). I suppose either way, you can’t drive a Mercedes Car on a Toyota Budget. Same deal with Shakeology.


Shakeology Review – What I DO Like About Shakeology

I am open to all different types of new health and nutrition opportunities. When I first ordered the shake, I patiently awaited for my order to arrive. My personal Shakeology review will explain the taste, quality, and price value of the Shakeology shake.

  • Taste: I first tried the Chocolate flavor. As someone who drinks Chocolate Whey Protein shakes regularly, I had a presumed thought that it would probably taste OK. After all, a vitamin shake isn’t really supposed to taste like fattening but Oh-So delicious ice cream! I gave it a try, and was actually wasn’t too bad! But then, I tried Greenberry. It tasted just like the name. Not so much berry, but more so green. A very strange flavor, but it really tasted like a vitamin shake. So, the Shakeology flavor that I would prefer is Chocolate if I had to choose.
  • The Quality: I will be honest with all of you, I struggled for many years with Acid Reflux disease (the doctors call it “GERD”). Shakeology provides superfoods and a good protein balance to help with meal replacement. After about 30 days of drinking the Chocolate flavor, I noticed a decrease in the Acid Reflux flare-ups. After 60-days, I noticed I was more regular and I had no symptoms of Acid Reflux. I will quite honestly say that I was hooked at that point. I realized that this is NOT just a protein shake. This is a sophisticated health shake with a lot of good ingredients. I didn’t realize that it had such a superfood blend that could revitalize your overall internal health.
  • Price Quality: There is no lie that it costs a pretty penny for Shakeology (in my humbly poor opinion lol). For a 30-day supply it is $129.95. This comes out to about $4 per serving. It’s not too bad if you break it down per serving; but per month at first glance that could be a lot. I suggest that you try it for 30-days, and if you don’t like it, the company will refund you, even if the bag is empty. You can also find different Shakeology Discounts to save on shipping or get 25% off.

Shakeology Review


Shakeology Review from the Panel of Doctors

The Shakeology drink was given out to a bunch of Doctors (100 to be exact). Their goal was to see how they viewed the Shake and to get their review on Shakeology. The Doctors were independent at the time, and not paid for their opinions. They looked at things like: quality, ingredients, health benefits, and taste. Check out the video below to see for yourself. If you can’t see the video on the site, click here


Shakeology Review from other People

shakeology review

All of these people transformed their life with Shakeology!

As you will see from the image to the left, there are many people who have used nutrition to their benefit. They have all given a positive Shakeology Review based on their incredible transformations!

If you want to try Shakeology, click the button below. Just make sure you order on Auto-Ship to save on Shipping. If you want to cancel auto-shipments, all you have to do is Include your order number that you received in the packaging. They will stop the auto-ship, and you get to save the money.

Of course, if you find great benefit in Shakeology, don’t stop the auto-ship and they will automatically ship every 30-days.

Shakeology Review


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Bob Sharpe

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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