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Shakeology Shake – What is Shakeology?


what is shakeology shakeShakeology Shake is a phenomenon that is taking most of us by storm in the nutritional world. More and more people are starting to ask “What is Shakeology” and how can it benefit me? Well, the buck stops here as we at SharpeFIT have helped countless people get healthy with the Shakeology Shake. Read through our information here and learn what Shakeology can do for you, and find out ways to save on shipping when you order today.


What is Shakeology – what can the Shakeology Shake do for you?

What is Shakeology? It has over 23 vitamins and minerals and offers a stunning 9 servings of fruits & vegetables in just one serving. Think about that for just a moment. The USDA recommends 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables per day. In order for us to meet these high standards and live a truly healthy life, it would be a full-time job of eating! In a normal hustle & bustle day that we all live, it is almost impossible to get 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables. Now, with the sophistication of the Shakeology shake, you can get the nutrition your body requires to live optimally!!

But don’t just listen to these words, check out this video that explains more.

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What is Shakeology – What ingredients are in the Shakeology Shake?

A great question that is asked a lot, is what ingredients are included? After all, there are many people out there with certain food allergies and food concerns. Rest assured, many people who have these allergies and food concerns are able to enjoy Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake. First and foremost, Shakeology is gluten and caffeine free, and the ingredients come from a whole-food source. You can even purchase Chocolate, Vanilla, or Tropical Strawberry Flavors in Vegan (protein is derived from brown rice extract!).

With over 70+ of the healthiest super food ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong. Check out this wall in the below picture! Each one of those things on the shelves are an ingredient. Each one of these ingredients goes into one serving of the Shakeology shake!!

what is shakeology

Looking for the Supplement or Nutrition Facts? Click here to view them!

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What is Shakeology – What do the Doctors say about the Shakeology Shake?

There has been plenty of positive feedback given by the Doctors regarding Shakeology. In fact, even my own personal doctor has enjoyed Shakeology and has recommended it to other patients. Below are a few of the reviews followed by a comprehensive video on why the doctor’s recommend this great nutritional shake.

what is shakeology doctors

Click here if you cannot see the video


How to get FREE Shipping with the Shakeology Shake – What is Shakeology

We offer FREE Shipping to anyone who orders Shakeology on Auto-Ship (home direct). Upon checkout, choose your order on Auto-Ship. This will provide you with free shipping (savings of around $10+). Not only will you save money on shipping, but you will receive Shakeology monthly. BUT WAIT! What if you only want to get Shakeology for one month? No problem. Still order on Auto-Ship to save yourself the shipping charge. Then, after you receive your first shipment and decide you definitely don’t want to stay on Auto-Ship, send a real quick email to: Provide your name and order number and your auto-ship will stop right away. It’s that simple and backed by a guarantee! You owe it to yourself to save the money on shipping! That is the best way to buy Shakeology cheap!

what is shakeology

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