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What is P90X

What is P90X

The 90 Day Home Fitness Revolution – With a Money Back Guarantee!

So, are you trying to figure out what is P90X? The search is over! P90X is a program that will get you the weight loss and fitness results you have been searching for, guaranteed. Yes, I’m serious about that. The whole premise behind my website is that I myself have lost 70 pounds with P90X.

So what is P90X? It is a 90-day home fitness revolution. It will literally take you from average to elite in only 90 days. It is a very popular program, which is probably why you are searching for information on what is p90x. It is my goal to give you every ounce of info that you need to truly understand the details behind the P90X workout program, and how it can transform your life, and the lives of the people you love.

What is P90X – The Checklist of Success

  • Home Fitness Program – this program isn’t at a Gym. You get to work out in the privacy of your own home.
  • Muscle Confusion – the program isn’t doing the same workout DVD day-after-day. This is a complete system. A system that includes nutrition, workouts, and success. There are a variety of workouts, so you aren’t just focusing on the same routine daily. This is what muscle confusion is all about, and how it helps you shred fat in only 90 days while building a sexy body!
  • A Community – when you order P90X here at, you get free Coaching by Coach Bob Sharpe, who has been through P90X three times. You also get to connect with other people who are doing the program. This will give you the ability to ask questions, have fun, and stay motivated.
  • Proven Results – Check out the videos below where you can learn more about What is P90X and how it has proven results behind it. Everything comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
YES! I’m ready to Get Results with P90X


What is P90X – What You Get, and What is Recommend – Video with Coach Bob Sharpe


YES! I’m ready to Get Results with P90X


What DVDs are Included with the Program? – What is P90X

What is P90X


What is P90X – What Equipment/Supplements Do You Need?

There are a few important things you’ll need to be successful with the program in regards to P90X Equipment. You can always modify the moves if you need to. BUT, if you want to go All-In and get the infomercial style results, here is what I recommend:

Minimum Needs

  • P90X Chin-Up Bar – To get the best results with your pull-ups.
  • Either Dumbbells or Resistance Bands – You can get the dumbbells wherever. You can also get the resistance bands wherever you’d like, or over at Team Beachbody when ordering the P90X program.

All-In Needs

What is P90X – The Proof that this Works

Awesome Results: Jeremy


Tommy’s Awesome P90X Story


Jill’s Amazing Transformation

YES! I’m ready to Get Results with P90X

Thanks for reading this post on What is P90X? I hope you found it useful and helpful in your searches. Be sure to comment below, say Hi, and ask any questions you may have.

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