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P90X2 Review: Total Body X2 Day 4


Hello Everyone!

I recently enjoyed P90X2 Total Body X2 during Day 4 of my P90X2 journey…and I think this is (so far) one of my favorite (if not my favorite) combination workouts!! A nice flashback reminder of P90X (and a little of P90X+) and a sharp new edge on what makes X2 great!

So let’s start with TOTAL BODY X2!

What an AWESOME workout! I was able to revisit the free weights again that I loved during P90X (and don’t worry, you can definitely use resistance bands on this workout with no problem!).

First…the most impressive thing about P90X2 is seeing other Coaches that take part in the P90X2 videos with Tony. Most notably in Total Body X2 is the ripped man on the right-hand side of Tony….his name is Jeremy Yost. He is the man! I see him rocking it out and I just get a great feeling about what he’s accomplished with Team Beachbody. He wasn’t always in this position…check out his before and after to see what the original P90X did for him. THIS can work for YOU (just imagine that now he is part of the top selling workout program P90X2…that is impressive!):

This to me is true motivation! Push play, show up, and chat with us and we can help you succeed!!

Back to Total Body X2 🙂

As is the case with X2, you get unique opportunity to challenge your balance in every exercise move. I can already feel my core getting stronger just in four days based on the balance moves. The very first move in TOTAL BODY X2 is One-Arm Chest Press. You’re on the stability ball doing a chest press!! Here is a pic of me having fun with the One-Arm Chest Press move:

One Arm Chest Press – P90X2

Was this move hard? Yes….but I didn’t think it was impossible. Luckily I was able to keep my balance while pushing the weight up each time. Just be careful coming off of the stability ball when you’re done!

So…what moves did I find hard? Well, funny you should ask….remember Warrior 3 in P90X? Try doing two-arm tricep kickbacks or Curls while in Warrior 3! Now THAT is P90X2!!! What a challenge! I don’t do well in Warrior 3 position in general, so throwing curls or kickbacks in the same move throws me off course….I can’t wait to report improvement on this one, the foot hit the deck quite a few times here…..

Crunchy Lever Pull-Up was difficult as well. I’m still attempting to improve my pull-ups since P90X, and this one has you rock your body up while you do a pull-up (hard to describe in words!)…but what makes this hard? The core work it takes combined with the pull-up! What I did during the workout was rocking my body up in the motion to try and improve my core…hopefully by the end I can tell you all that I can officially rock my body up and do the pull-up simultaneously (speaking of which…I’ll be grabbing some videos and extra pics of these moves in Week 2 & 3 to better explain and demonstrate my struggles in hopes to help all of you who are on P90X2, or any workout program…it takes time, but the results are phenominal).

To take a quick side-step, I’m looking into getting Beachbody’s new pre-workout formula to help with the X2 workouts called E&E: Energy & Endurance. From what I’ve heard, this formula gets you beyond ready both in focus and energy for every workout (plus, it’s completely natural!). You can check it out by clicking here. I’ll share my experiences in a future post once I try it out….I hope to really go far combining E&E with X2.

Anyway, I’ll post separately on X2 Ab Ripper which compliments this workout in a separate post later on (and yes, I LOVE X2 Ab Ripper….excellent follow-up to Ab Ripper X).

But my bottom-line vote on Total Body X2: Excellent Workout…great sweat…great, great, great!

Below is another picture from the Total Body X2 workout: Push-Up Side Arm Balance. If you would have asked me to do this a year ago, 60+ pounds heavier and out of shape, I would have failed…but you know what? I committed to a healthy lifestyle, and during this workout 1 year later I was able to do push-ups on medicine balls…….this move and workout is possible for all of you.

If you aren’t part of Team Sharp and the Team Beachbody community yet, consider joining us for free and I can show you what we can do to help you achieve your goals. Click here to make your goals a success. I’d consider it an honor to help you get to where you want to be…that is my passion and goal as a Team Beachbody Coach!

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