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Beachbody Challenge Group

Beachbody Challenge Group

Beachbody Challenge Group is the Way to Go!

Are you sick of not getting results with weight loss and fitness programs? Are you sick of firing up that new year’s resolution each year without results? The Beachbody Challenge Group could be that answer!

The answer won’t only just get you physically in good shape, but if you share your success story, you can win money and trips as well! There are a few spots left here at every month to get you started right!

The last question is….are you ready to get results like this?

Beachbody Challenge Group

Incredible Beachbody Challenge Group results! (2012)


I’ve worked with over 40 different people so far as a Team Beachbody coach, now I’d like to help you!

Beachbody Challenge GroupYou can choose a “Challenge Pack“, which are the tools you’ll need to succeed with the Beachbody Challenge. You can choose from many different award-winning fitness programs that have helped thousands before you. With the pack you’ll also get:

  • Shakeology (important nutrition that coincides with the fitness program)
  • 30-day trial to the Team Beachbody Club
  • Free support from ME and 5 other Challengers in an online private setting.

Here are the challenge pack options. By choosing a challenge pack. Not only will you get a fitness program, nutrition, and support, but you’ll also get bonus workouts and save a lot of money by ordering from me as your Team Beachbody Coach!

Beachbody Challenge Group selections

Get started today! When you get to the Challenge Page, click “Take the Challenge” and ensure you sign-up for a free account first.

More info on the Beachbody Challenge Group

See the introductory video from the CEO of Beachbody, the great Carl Daikeler.!

I’m not just some Coach talking – I have gone through a Beachbody Challenge myself, and saw some awesome results (70 pounds GONE!)

Beachbody Challenge Group

Coach Bob Sharpe’s Results after his Beachbody Challenge Group (2011) Beachbody Challenge Group Promo Video:



Yours in True Success,

Bob Sharpe
Team Beachbody Coach
Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!

Join the Beachbody Challenge Group Today!