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Focus T25 Alpha Review


focus t25 alpha review with bobToday I want to personally share my results along with my wife Cristen’s results with Focus T25 Alpha. Not only that, we’ll give you our full Focus T25 Alpha Review so that you can know all about the Alpha Phase, and what you need to do to succeed.


Focus T25 Alpha focuses on, what Shaun T (creator) calls, your “Foundation”. You will focus a lot on your balance, your learning of certain moves, and your overall cardio. It is true that this workout is only 25 minutes per day, and it means business! I truly think that anyone with the right mindset and determination can succeed with this program. The best part is, it is NOT in some stinky Gym that you have to drive to, and you can do it in your home in only 5 days each week.


Details on Focus T25 Alpha Review | What is “Alpha” All About, and Why Should You Care?


Just like the Greek Alphabet, Alpha is the first, the beginning. The beginning of your journey to losing weight and getting better fitness in just 25 minutes per day starts with Alpha. Focus T25 has three different phases. Alpha and Beta are the primary phases that are included when you purchase the system. Gamma is an advanced phase that you can get after your Alpha & Beta journey is completed.


Regardless if you’ve already completed P90X or INSANITY, always start with Focus T25 Alpha. You will start building the foundation not only within your muscles and balance, but in your comprehension of the program. When you start Beta and Gamma phases, Shaun T moves much faster and doesn’t mess around, so understanding the fundamentals that you learn in Alpha will be key to success. Don’t get me wrong, Focus T25 Alpha phase is no walk in the park, but Beta & Gamma is where your hard work “rubber hits the road”. Of course, a key sidekick is the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide!

The workout DVDs you’ll experience in Focus T25 Alpha include:


  1. Cardio – This will be the first workout you ever do. What you will notice throughout the entire program is that you will use your entire body and your core significantly (this is a good thing!). Cardio focuses a lot on your legs and lower abs while doing different moves such as jack feet, mountain climbers, and other unique moves (click the “cardio” name to see our Cardio Review).
  2. Speed 1.0 – The very first Speed and Agility move in the Focus T25 Set! Speed and Agility is important to staying young, regardless of your age, and being able to walk, run, and mobilize yourself well. This workout will have you complete a few speed moves mixed in with some active stretching in between the moves.
  3. Total Body Circuit – This workout is tough, mainly because you are focusing on your entire body. From chest, to abs, to back, you’ll be doing it all. There are some highly targeted moves, such as the shoulder taps, that will really challenge multiple muscle groups at the same time.
  4. Ab Intervals – This is where you start kissing your muffin top goodbye and building up your midsection. Unlike the other Ab programs that are only 15 minutes, this is 25 minutes of pure core. Do this one if you want abs!!
  5. Lower Focus – As you’ll see in the video below, this one is tough and can be seen as the least favorite. But the whole foundation behind those abs, fast movements, and overall results lies in those darn legs. Don’t neglect this one at all! You’ll be doing squats, lunges, and Shaun T tells you some great tips so you can actually get BETTER at using your legs.


Our Full Focus T25 Alpha Review Video


Check out our YouTube video for more of our Focus T25 Alpha Review, including a preview of us doing the moves….or should I say, “attempting to do the moves”? 😉


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Yours in True Success,

Bob & Cristen Sharpe

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