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Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Insider Look


the beachbody coach business opportunityHi my friends, Bob Sharpe here again talking about Beachbody Coaching. If you are searching around for some info on the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity, then you’ve come to the right place. I want to provide you an insider view of my work after just a few months in the business.

But let me first say, before, and Team DYNAMIC coaches existed, I was a complete newbie! I had all of the self anxiety, worry, doubt, concern about the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity. Whether or not you feel this way now, know that I’m here (as someone who has been in the company for a while now) to help you overcome this and be the SUPERSTAR that I know you can be!


Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Inside the Coach Office

I’m happy to present the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity through the below video. In this video I will personally walk you through the Coach Online Office. This is a perk you get as a Beachbody Coach that is covered with the business fee (see below for the requirements to sign-up). From the income to the ability to help people transform their lives (and build new relationships) is absolutely rewarding. Check it out now:

Want to see the Presentation? Check it out here.


What are the Requirements to join the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity?

The ability to motivate others AND motivate yourself is the true key to success. You don’t have to be a fitness or nutrition specialist (I’m far from it!). But, you will be surprised how many people will get inspired by your fitness journey and success story. Even if YOU don’t think you’ve gotten the best results yet, even the smallest measures have the biggest impact. Let’s check out the requirements to join:


  • Motivation and Desire to Succeed. You, and only You have to have the desire to succeed. This is one of the requirements that I personally expect in order for anyone to join our Team DYNAMIC Beachbody Coach group. I only want to work with people who are serious about succeeding and take quitting off the table. If you do that, I will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Monthly Business Fees. The reason there is a charge is to give you the online office access that you see in the video above. You also get all shipping, billing, and customer service taking care of FOR YOU. No products need to sit around your house, it’s all handled through the company. Its $39.95 to start, and only $15.95 per month thereafter. Not bad for a business that can grow big.
  • Product of the Product. People who are doing/have done a Beachbody Program are the most successful in this business. Become your OWN walking billboard (before and after your weight loss transformation). Not only that, make sure you drink Shakeology daily. A LOT of customers ask about this product, and it’s important that you are reaping the health benefits from it as well. Plus, when you have Shakeology shipped on auto-direct each month as a Coach, you fulfill the requirement of 50 volume points to become an Active Coach (automagical!)


I want to know more about the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity!

I have a lot of content regarding Beachbody Coaching. I want to make sure you have all of the details. The best places to start are my Coaching Posts page. You can also check out Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Levels, and What is Beachbody Coaching.

If you are serious about learning more, get the free presentation that explains it all: Click here to get the Team DYNAMIC Presentation Free

If you see the opportunity in Beachbody Coaching like I did, I’d be thrilled to have you on the team as long as you meet the requirements above. If you do, click the link below to see the video on what it takes to become a Coach.

Business Opportunity Beachbody Coach


Comment below and say HI and ask any questions you may have.


Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

All About Bob

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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