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Success Stories

Success Stories

SharpeFIT Success Stories

I love sharing new Success Stories each day here on this page. For those who have taken the Beachbody Challenge, or have seen results as part of our awesome team, please Contact Me and let me know. I would love to showcase you here on the site!

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Shakeology Success Stories

Shakeology Success Stories

Elizabeth S. – Lost 136 pounds! Down from a size 20 to size 8!

“My doctors and I are all in agreement that the Shakeology is the leading cause of my ‘picture perfect’ health. The biggest benefit from Shakeology is that I am medication free and at a healthy weight!”

Shakeology Success Stories

Mary C. – Lost 36 pounds and won $1000 in the Beachbody Challenge

“Going on 70 and being able to perform the Shakeology workouts is my greatest achievement, along with keeping up with my twin grandchildren and all their activities!”

Shakeology Success Stories

Jarret – Lost 76 pounds and 9″ off the waist!

“Shakeology has completely changed my life and diet. It has wiped out my craving for the chocolate ice cream and all those sweets that were holding me back. It had given me an edge like no other… Not to mention the taste is incredible.”

TurboFire & Shakeology Success Stories

Shakeology Turbofire Success Story

Cassie – Changed Her Life with Shakeology and Turbo Fire! 

“Before I started the working out with Turbo Fire and drinking Shakeology I hated even catching a glimpse of my reflection in a store window. I was always shocked! I’d tell myself to suck my big gut back in and move on. I hated feeling unhealthy, gross, too big for my own clothes, and the reflection I was seeing didn’t show the woman I am!”

Turbofire Shakeology Success Stories

Diana D. – Lost 95 pounds with Shakeology and TurboFire!

“Since starting Insanity and Shakeology I have lost 95 pounds!! I’m no longer considered Pre-Diabetic!! And I recently just finished my first season in a roller hockey team. Without the help of Insanity AND Shakeology there is absolutely no way I could of been in shape enough to join a team with men and place second in the hockey league!”

P90X & Shakeology Success Stories

Turbofire Shakeology Success Stories

LISA J. – Lost 72 pounds and 28% body fat

“I lost about 20 lbs using Shakeology and walking everyday after I was released from the hospital. Once I was medically cleared to exercise, continuing to use Shakeology and completing the full P90X program, I lost a further 52 lbs, countless inches and 28% body fat. I am truly most proud of the fact that I feel as though I have reclaimed myself and my life. I am fully living now and no longer feel like I need to “hide” or “escape” from my own life. I am happy, confident, and excited for each and every day. I fought to get my true self back and I won!”

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