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My Vision and Cornerstones

Hey there! Welcome to my site at When it comes to all of the different “things” I have on my site, from fitness, to motivation, to supplements, to Beachbody Coaching, it all centers around My Vision and Cornerstones.

These are my Keys to Ultimate Success that I follow each and every day. Call it my commitment to YOU, my visitors, my customers, and my Coach Team.

Bob Sharpe’s Vision

For My Customers: To provide extreme results for the average person. I want to help normal, everyday people that have the many challenges of life break thru that barrier that holds us back. Let’s get awesome fitness results through the right motivation, the right tools, and the right friendships that can make it happen. As a single force it will be tough, but as a team force, together, we can accomplish everything!

For My Beachbody Coaches: To help you achieve your goals and your WHY for becoming a Beachbody Coach. To create an empire and dynasty that is sustainable and exciting. Last but not least, to create the best training, rank advancement, and top producing team within Team Beachbody.

Bob Sharpe’s Cornerstones

These are the steps I take regularly to ensure my goals within and my role as a Team Beachbody Coach. I call them, my 5 Steps to Success.

  1. My Faith and Mindset – I used to be a skeptical person. Today I enjoy the life of motivational refreshment through getting in the right mindset, trusting in my Christian Faith, and helping others in all that I do. Each day I spend time listening/reading personal development, and understanding more about what our lives have to offer. I try to get uncomfortable by pushing past the zone of mediocrity.
  2. My Family – My goal is to spend as much time as I can with my Family. I lost my Father when I was 10 years old. He was and still is my idol and who I look up to. I want to be around as long as I can for my family. If I can impact my life on this earth through the right nutrition and health, I will do it!
  3. My Passion for Helping Others – I want to help others. I use to be selfish and wanting to get all of the success for myself. Once I started learning more about what this world has to offer, I realize the importance of helping others. First, I help people through my site here at I’m also always open to suggestions for new content to post that can help others with their health and fitness (contact me with ideas). Also, any Income that I make as a Beachbody Coach (full-time or part-time), I donate at least 10% to my charities. My go-to sponsorship is WorldVision, who help people all across this world. My heart and soul goes out to these people, and of course my sponsor child.
  4. My Fitness and Workouts – I dedicate to fitness and working out every day. It is my commitment to my team, and all of you that view my site here at Whether it’s P90X, INSANITY, TurboFire, Focus T25, or anything in the Beachbody line, you can be sure I’m working out consistently.
  5. My Nutrition – Nutrition is the key to ultimate success. I drink Shakeology daily, and eat as clean as humanly possible! Whatever I can do to reduce my risk of cancer, sickness, and obesity, I will live up to the challenge, and encourage others to do the same thing.

These are my visions and my cornerstones to ultimate success here at and in my career as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

Thanks for stopping by, To YOUR Success,

Bob Sharpe