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P90X Recovery Drink Review


When I first started P90X, I didn’t have the recovery drink (let’s face it, times are tough and I didn’t have the money!). I originally started having Whey Protein after every workout, but I never really felt any results or strength gaining from the effort.

Regardless, I stuck with the Whey Protein throughout my first round. So please read on if you are interested in learning more about the P90X Recovery Drink Review

After completing my first round, I remembered how much Tony would mention “drink your recovery drink” or “slip some recovery drink into your water.” It got me thinking that if Tony thinks it’s such a great drink, maybe I should just pony up and try it!

P90X Recovery Drink Review

This is the P90X Recovery Drink

I then put in a purchase and had it shipped to my house. I didn’t originally do this, but I recommend selecting the monthly auto-ship (also known as “HD”, or Home Direct, when you go to order), because not only will it send you a 30-day supply every month, but it will save you on shipping costs!

Even if you decide to try it once, I’d recommend purchasing it on auto-ship and then stopping the orders if you decide not to continue receiving the drink each month.

My very first impression when I tried my first taste was that it was really good tasting. Actually, I’ll back up a second and say that I was excited that when I initially opened the tub it smelled like an orange creamsicle!

While the flavor comes in what they call “Smooth Orange”, I always loved Orange Creamsicles, so I was pleased to find out that the drink smelled like that, and then it even tasted amazing as well!

P90X Recovery Drink Review – Results

I received some great results from drinking each day after my workouts now. I first noticed that it helped me reduce the physical fatigue that I usually had after my workouts.

The next thing I noticed was that I was able to literally “recover” a lot quicker and move on to either the rest of my day, or tomorrow’s workout without as much soreness.

What is nice is that you don’t necessarily have to use this product directly with the P90X Workout. You can use it for running, biking, or other programs! It comes with all of the essential building blocks to give your body the nutrition and supplementation that it craves and needs after any exercise routine!


P90X Recovery Drink Review – Nutrition Facts

So what are those important nutrition and supplemental facts that are included in the recovery drink? See the image below for the full list of nutritional facts for the drink, including the P90X Recovery Drink ingredients:

P90X Recovery Drink Review

P90X Recovery Drink Review – The nutrition Facts

As you can see, there are a lot of great building blocks in the nutritional label, including a great balance (4:1 ratio) of Carbohydrates to Protein, which is what the body needs when it’s rebuilding after a workout or exercise routine.

Also, I get a lot of questions about the Creatine Monohydrate that is in the drink (500mg). Don’t worry, that is not something that will “bulk you up” or start adding on a ton of muscle as a result of consumption. 500mg is such a small amount of Creatine that it’s used to restore the creatine your body naturally uses during the course of a workout.


Can you get P90X Recovery Drink from GNC?

This is a very popular question, and unfortunately the answer is No. You cannot get this formula from any health store other than from Team Beachbody. If you click the link below you can order the recovery drink direct, and remember to choose “HD” (home-direct) to get your 30-day supply automatically shipped to you each month, and save on shipping!


=>Click here to buy the P90X Recovery Drink<=

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading my P90X Recovery Drink Review

Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

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