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Banana Health Benefits


Banana Health Benefits, are there any? Well, today as my wife laughed at me when I picked up my THIRD banana for the day. Oh and guess what? I am going to enjoy a fourth banana tonight with my Shakeology meal replacement shake. But, with all of these crazy banana health benefits that we discuss, are they truly any good for you? Well, read on!


Banana Health Benefits – What it can do for you

Banana health benefitsFirst and foremost, Bananas give ENERGY. Why and how? Because of three different sugars that bananas have: sucralose, fructose, and glucose (of course, all natural too!). This, mixed with fiber, provide a sustained and impressive boost of energy. Better yet, it provides athletes the reason as to why the LOVE bananas: enough energy for a tough 60- to 90-minute workout! Try that with your next P90X workout!

Beyond energy, it can also help with shying us away from annoying illnesses, conditions, etc. So, a definite must add to your daily diet!


“That guy is going bananas!” – Ever hear that before? That phrase can be used for someone that has gone crazy, but actually, if your brain is going bananas, GOOD! The reason being is that banana health benefits include reducing depression-causing problems, and even increased brain power! A recent study by “MIND” concluded that those who ate bananas felt much better. Bananas contain something call tryptophan, which is a form of protein. Your body will take this protein and convert it to serotonin, which helps you relax, improves your mood, and makes you smile big!

As I mentioned, another banana health benefit also includes brain power! Another test was given to pupils who were aiming to ace an exam. Of the mix that had bananas, they ate them for breakfast, break, and lunch each day. The result was that they improved the overall focus and mind power. Research has shown that potassium-packed fruit can assist by making you more alert and focused. I’m sure we can all use some more focus in our lives!


Banana Health Benefits – Curing the Overweight?

The Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at your job can lead to those frequent trips to eat chocolate and chips. This is especially true if you have chocolate close to your desk or office area – have you ever experienced this symptom? Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, the researchers determined that the most obese were more likely to be in those high pressure jobs. So, the conclusion was that in order to reduce those runs to the chocolate for the super stressed, we control our blood sugar levels through high carb foods every two hours. Of those foods, of course bananas!


Want to Stop Smoking? Banana Health Benefits!

Bananas can help those who want to stop smoking that next cigarette. Sorry, you can’t “smoke” a banana (although that would be cool to see). Instead, the bananas include two awesome Vitamins: B6 and B12. What do these do? Well with the combination of B6, B12, potassium, and magnesium, you can help your body recover from nicotine withdrawal.


I hope you found this post on banana health benefits informational and worth your while. If so, comment, share, and like this post.


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