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Pushing forward through the Dark – My Biking Experience


After I completed P90X2 Plyocide earlier today, I went out for a Bike ride near our Lake in Clermont, Florida 🙂 (I’m crazy, I know!!!).

I love going for Bike rides because not only is it good for the health, the bike trail we live near overlooks the great Lake Minneola. I travel about 6 miles in all to the lake and back home.

Today was interesting however. I agreed on meeting the wife and daughter at the local Grille that is right off the lake (very nice setting for a dinner to end a hectic weekend). We got there, got seated, and really lost track of time!!! No sooner did we know it, the sun was going down and it was dark and getting cold! So, I had a decision to make: either wait for the wife to go home and get our bigger car to pick me up and load up my bike, or take the bike ride home. Can you guess what I did?

Of course I took the bike ride home 🙂

I never biked so fast in my life. The first part of the bike ride home was well lit with the street lights. But then I got to the wooded area, where I was biking alone in a forest with no lights except for the light I was getting from the moonlight. It got me thinking… I was, riding through in the dark, unsure of what to expect and quite frankly a little frightened by potential shenanigans from animals, to limited visibility, to the “creepers” of the night 🙂

Regardless of my fright, I forged ahead, biking at a feverish pace. While I was unsure of the darkness and what lies ahead, I knew that my goal was to get home to my well-lit house, my daughter, and my wife. Luckily I survived (otherwise this post would have never seen the light of day….), but do you sometimes feel like that regarding your goals with fitness or your goals with business?

We all know the goals we have, right? Maybe you want to get a six-pack by summer, or maybe you want to grow or start a business as a Beachbody Coach. While our goals are well set in our minds, we come across the times of darkness. Even though we may pedal faster in hopes to achieve our goal and/or end-result, it can sometimes be frightening or seemingly impossible. So what do you do? Do you stop and wait for the light to shine on you? Do you turn around and go back to the area where you know there was light?

It’s your choice…..but let me ask you this, would turning around and going back to the area that was lit with street lamps work for me in my biking tonight? Maybe it would have reduced the fear; however, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal of getting home at a decent time to be with my family. Should I have stopped and waited for the sun to come up? I could have, but it was still scary, and it was cold….bad idea!

If you are in a point of darkness and unsure of where the light will shine through, keep forging ahead. I’m sure there are feelings that the darkness may loom ahead and give you the impression that it will never go away; but little to your knowledge at the present moment, the end result of the dark tunnel lies a treasure undiscovered and graciously awaiting your arrival.

Stay strong, Community, and forge ahead. In the most trying of times, when you are stuck in the dark with no hope for the future, keep pedaling, because when you reach the end of the darkness, an even brighter light will shine through.

Never, ever, ever give up.

-Bob Sharpe

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