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Buy Shakeology

Why you should buy shakeology drink

Buy Shakeology with Discounts, Details, and More!

Are you looking for information on where to buy Shakeology? After all, is it worth your hard earned money? AND can you get a Discount? Well, you have come to the right place!I struggled with my workout program for the first two rounds (P90X). I finally decided to invest in Shakeology. I wanted to see if it lived up to the claim of the “Healthiest Meal of the Day”.

I was skeptical in November 2011 when I first started. But, after 30 days, my health changed. This shake gives you the nutrition and superfoods you can’t find in a normal diet.

By drinking this everyday, I found that my digestion was SO much better, and I was finally eating better.

If you are someone who has a hard time finding the right foods to eat (especially for breakfast), this could be your golden gem!

So, are you interested are you in saving money when you buy shakeology? I’ll share how you can:

  • Save around $10 with Free Shipping.
  • Options on how to get your Shakeology at 25% off, or even for free!

If you are ready to get Shakeology now, just click the link below (be sure to choose “Auto-Ship” at checkout to Save $$ on shipping!!):

Buy Shakeology


Details of Shakeology Drink – Buy Shakeology

Shakeology isn’t just a meal replacement shake. This also isn’t just your average “protein shake.” Shakeology is so much more! It is packed with over 70 ingredients that are highly nutritious and healthy.

The shake also includes a super-food blend and a super-fruit blend. Shakeology has ingredients that includes probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, antibiotics, protein, and much more.

Let’s face it, by giving your body the nutrition that it deserves; you will increase your ability to burn fat faster. This also means having more energy and staying regular. Be sure to scroll down and check out the awesome video below.

Buy Shakeology

Each order comes with a 30-day supply. You can get it in either a bag, or in 24-individual serving packets. I recommend getting Shakeology in the bag (this is what I do each month).

The Shakeology bag includes 30 servings. The packets include 24 servings. If you are someone on the road a lot, then definitely get the packets for convenience!


Flavors of Shakeology

There are Four Shakeology Flavors available:

  • Chocolate (my favorite!, also comes in Vegan option. The vegan tastes more like dark chocolate)
  • Greenberry
  • Tropical (which is 100% Vegan, for those wanting to avoid Whey protein)
  • Vanilla

Also, all orders of Shakeology always come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel better, more energetic and healthier after 30 days of drinking Shakeology, send it back and we’ll refund you the cost (less s&h), even if the bag is completely empty!


Can you Buy Shakeology Online?

Buy Shakeology

Buy Shakeology and Improve your Health Today!

In case you weren’t aware, Shakeology is not available in stores (this includes GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc).It is only available through the direct manufacturer, Beachbody; or a Beachbody Coach (like me!).

You can get your Shakeology through my site here at When you order through this site, you get exclusive content including access to free Shakeology workouts and a recipe guide!

I’ll even throw in my awesome recipe that I use for my Reese’s Peanut Butter cup flavors!

If you haven’t seen all of the great ingredients and nutrition facts, check out our information that includes the ingredients list before you Buy Shakeology.


Top Reasons to Buy Shakeology

There are many reasons why people purchase Shakeology. Check out some of top reasons below:

  • Lose Weight and Feel Healthier. Guaranteed
  • Cholesterol levels reduced on average by 30% (Levels of LDL reduced by 38%) in a recent study of patients drinking Shakeology.
  • Highest Quality, Whole Food Ingredients
  • Meal Replacement which saves money on junk food and fast food!
  • Only $4 per serving, which saves money on your morning coffee run, or unhealthy meal that could cost even more than $4 per serving!
  • Shakeology is a low glycemic food
  • Shakeology is gluten-free and caffeine-free
  • Shakeology is proven effective for weight loss, detoxification, cleansing, and lower cholesterol
  • 100 Doctors Don’t Lie – they were given samples and provided their review.


Where to Buy Shakeology – FREE Shipping Offer – find out how:

Buy Shakeology on Auto-Ship

FREE Shipping when you Buy Shakeology on Auto-Ship

If you’re like me, it’s great to save some $$$ on products! Here is how you can save $10:

  • Beachbody is throwing in an option for free shipping! Choose the monthly Auto-Ship option when you check-out.
  • Even if you want to just try Shakeology for 30-days, I’d recommend starting with auto-ship to save on the shipping.
  • If you don’t want to continue after 30-days, you can send a quick e-mail to Type your order number in the e-mail and cancel without any question or problem!

Not only will you save $10 on shipping, you’ll also receive access to great workouts online (30 min and 50 min programs) for free!


Buy Shakeology with a 25% Discount!

You can get a 25% discount now! How? By Becoming a Beachbody Coach! This gives you a discount and also gives you authorization to sell Shakeology to other people.

There are costs associated with becoming a distributor (coach), so only become a Coach if you are planning to use Shakeology consistently.

If you have three other people who want to Buy Shakeology, they can buy it from you and that will make your Shakeology order FREE!

In order to be a Beachbody Coach and Buy Shakeology with 25% off, you will need to CLICK HERE. Please note that it is $39.95 to start-up as a Coach, and only $15.95 a month to maintain your online office and websites! With the discount of Shakeology, you are looking at paying around $105-106 per month versus over $120!

=>YES! I want to Save 25% by signing-up as a Beachbody Coach<=

Shakeology is Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Try it out for yourself for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, send it back for a refund! Also, always choose the Auto-Ship option so you can save yourself money on Shipping.

If you don’t want to continue receiving the monthly supply of Shakeology, you can either call customer service (800) 470-7870 or e-mail: Just reference your order number and it’s as simple as that!


Buy Shakeology

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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  1. Ron Jenkins says:

    Coach – I ordered Shakeology from a month ago, and you’ve got me hooked! I love the recipe guide that comes with it, and I’m feeling much better. Thanks for this tool to go along with my exercising!! I’m going to take 2012 by the horns!!!!!


  2. Bob says:

    I’m glad you liked it! My favorite is Peanut Butter (natural, of course!) added with the Shakeology. It will taste like a peanut butter cup!!!

    I’m glad you like it – it really does a great job getting you set-up for health success!

  3. Paul says:

    This stuff is really good! I’m going to have to try the peanut butter idea – thanks Bob!

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