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INSANITY Review – Core Cardio and Balance


Welcome to my INSANITY Review of Core Cardio and Balance! For those of you who have been following my journey, or want to know more about INSANITY, this workout is the premise behind your Recovery Week. In between your first insane month, and what is about to hit you (MAX Interval Circuit).

So is this workout a real recovery week? Well, that is all depending on how you view it! As soon as you pop in the DVD and press play, you start jogging, doing jumping jacks, and starting up the workout with moving ski hops.

My thoughts on INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance

My initial thoughts were great, in fact, I did this workout on seven days straight!! For those of you who don’t know, INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance is a repeated workout that you do each day of your recovery week, for a total of 6 days. I loved the workout so much that I pressed play on an extra day!!

insanity core cardio and balanceYou aren’t sitting around doing a bunch of stretching or Yoga….no way! You are still pushing cardio and some great moves that you learned during Phase 1 of INSANITY. For example, there are moves such as Moving Ski Hops. When you do the ski hops during month one, you get used to it…now in the recovery week, imagine doing that while jumping from one side of the room. The beauty of this entire workout is that you do all of these great moves, that you started to get better at doing through month 1, in a less intense atmosphere. That, my friends, is the Recovery of the whole thing!

You also get to do great moves such as Heisman, Wide Plank Walks, and High Jumps. Overall, I give this particular workout an A+ for overall depth and fun within the workout. This is the week that you’ll feel accomplished with being able to do a good solid workout, especially if you gave it your all in month 1.

Now it’s time for Month 2. I’m scared as it’s all about Max Interval training, with longer times overall. My goal is to push this to the limits and succeed!!! I’ll keep you all posted and ensure that I take the time to share some before and after pictures once I’m finished.

How are you doing on your INSANITY journey? Comment below and let me know!


Bob Sharpe

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