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P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine


P90X Shoulders and Arms RoutineHands down, this is one of my most favorite P90X Workouts. Now that I have the bias and favoritism out of the way, let’s review the P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine. One of the main reason that I personally love this program is that it helps really shape and tone your “glamour muscles” as Tony call them. The shoulders, biceps, and triceps are what define the sexy from the not-so-sexy. The elite from the beginner; the man/woman from the boy/girl. But it’s not only about looks! The P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine does a great job building muscle in your arms, which leads towards faster fat burning. There is no doubt that muscle burns fat folks, and this workout is aimed 100% at that theory!

P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine – My Tips and Review

As someone who has done P90X three times now, I will repeat what I just said: This one is my favorite. Why? There are a few key reasons:

  • Muscle Building:  I love building up my biceps and shoulders a bit. It isn’t my goal to have HUGE muscles, just nice, dude-toned muscles. This workout does a great job at that goal. If you are someone who wants to bulk up big times, do 8-10 reps on each move. If you want sculpted, lean muscles (I know a lot of ladies prefer this over bulk), do 12-16 reps.
  • Fun and Fast Moving: I know some may disagree with me on my opinion here, but I think the P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine is both fun and fast. Tony keeps it real with his jokes and fun spirit. And it seems to move quickly. I think my major issue with cardio workouts is that it can be draining to the point of hating life! When I think about having to do all of the crazy cardio (like INSANITY/etc), I get drained and look forward to the end of the workout. With Shoulders & Arms, I don’t have the same experience. I think it’s because it does move quick, but there a spurts of breaks between each move, which make it intense but relaxing too!
  • Results City: If you really want to BRING IT during the P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine, this is your time to do just that! When I want to bulk up my muscles, I take the time to focus on really lifting heavy in the 8-10 range. *TIP* – If you want muscle, make sure you are wearing out around the 6th rep. By the 8th-10th rep, you should be toast. The next day, you will be sore, but that is where the Results City comes into play! Just make sure you are getting enough protein with either Shakeology and/or P90X Results and Recovery Formula.


P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine – The Moves

There are a total of 5 sets with 3 moves each in Shoulders & Arms. This does include the bonus round. I recommend that everyone does the bonus rounds. Even if you are toast, burnt, tired, dead – do them anyway. Just do whatever you can to do the bonus rounds. If you make them a requirement in your P90X Journey, you will maximize your infomercial-style results.

All sets are Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps, repeat. Let’s check out the moves!

Set 1 – P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine

  • Alternating Shoulder Presses – I use 25 pound weights for this move. I used to use 8 pounds when I first started. We all have to start somewhere. In time, you’ll improve!
  • In and Out Bicep Curls – Tony actually breaks the 8-10/12-16 rep rule, and requires everyone to do 16 reps. Pick a weight that you can use to maximize all 16 of these reps!
  • Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks – I use 15 pound weights for this one. Not only will this move work on your triceps, but will also work on your forearms and even your lower abs, as long as you make sure you are in the full-leaning position. Work it!

You repeat this set one more time, and then do some ballistic stretching to prepare for the next set!

Set 2 – P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine

  • Deep Swimmer’s Press – Kind of like the Alternating Shoulder Presses, only this time you start with the weights half way down, almost to the point of throwing in biceps curls too in order to raise the weights up. I use 15 pounds now, and I’m darn proud of that! When I started, it was 5 pound weights. This move is hard so there is no shame in the lower-weight game!
  • Full Supination Concentration Curl – This move can be simple for most people, but does a great job working the full portion of your biceps. I use 40 pound weights. Yes. 40s. I only muscle out about 8 reps, but MAN oh MAN is this one effective if you’re looking to build up your biceps. Maximize your weight on this one if you can.
  • Chair Dips – Simple and effective. You are at the edge of your chair and dipping down, using your triceps to pull yourself back up. This is insane because you can have your legs in a 90 degree angle, straight onto the floor, or you can even lift a leg. You’ll feel your tricep working on this one for sure, so do what you can. What do I do? I have my legs at the 90 degree angle (easiest version) – by rep 16, I’m toast.

Set 3 – P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine

  • Upright Rows – I tend to like this move, mainly because it’s a nice break from the shoulder press shenanigans you just put yourself through! I use 15-25 pounds depending on how I feel for the day. I focus big time on making sure my elbows are way higher than my hands, and you’ll start realizing this move works the inner-most part of your shoulder.
  • Static Arm Curls – Does anyone else want to run to Mommy or Daddy for this one? Wow this one hurts. I use 15 pound weights, mainly because as one arm is curling, the other arm is half-way to a curl, holding static. Ouch! But guess what? Your bicep is sculpting and/or building, and that is magic. Don’t let your static arm drop at all to make sure you are getting the best results with this move.
  • Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks – I use 15 pound weights for this one also. The part where your palms are facing down is hard, mainly because your arms don’t normally like to go back in that type of position. The beauty of it is, it’s working the deeper part of your tricep.

Set 4 – P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine

  • Two Angle Shoulder Flys – I use 8-15 pound weights on this one. This move is hard so I don’t doubt if anyone uses a lighter weight like 2-5 pounds. The second part of this move, where you bend like a hinge is TOUGH, so focus on just building up that shoulder and maximize your reps. You’re almost finished with the workout!
  • Crouching Cohen Curls – This move I’m not overly thrilled about, mainly because the crouching annoys me. But I always keep it in my mind that it helps also build my legs and lower abs (My two weak spots). I use 25 pound weights for this one and just stare at my biceps and watch in wonder as they work hard on this move.
  • Lying-down tricep extensions – Tip of the day: “Don’t smash your face!” – HAHA I love that quote that Tony uses in this move. I use 15 pounds, and originally started with 8 pound weights during my first round. I didn’t want to smash my face, and this workout is hard enough without worrying about getting hurt!

Set 5 – Bonus Round (I require this!) P90X Shoulders and Arms Routine

  • In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys – Don’t be a wussy, do the bonus round! This move is hard, because your arms are straight both in and out. 2-5 pounds are fine. I use 8 pounds, but remember I’ve worked up to that, and 8 pounds is heavy for this one.
  • Congdon Curls – This one is named for the Beachbody (Parent Company of P90X) President, John Congdon. Do a bicep curl with a hammer down. Love this workout, and use 25 pounds. I want to work my way up to using my big 40 pound weights some day, but by this time in the workout I’m usually pretty burnt.
  • Side Tri-Rise – Well for this one you don’t need those weights or resistance bands anymore. But what you do need is some serious focus, especially because you’re probably burned out – but CONGRATS, you’ve made it to the final move. Another great tricep workout, and I take it a bit slower on these moves to make sure I’m maximizing my triceps.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post on the P90X Shoulder and Arms Routine. Comment below and let me know how YOU are doing with the program.

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Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

About Bob Sharpe In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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