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Body by Vi Review


Today I had the unique opportunity to try out the Body by Vi shake. Before we get into this post, I want to make a disclaimer. This is especially important if you have just stopped by my site for the first time, OR, you are a Vi Rep. I run a fitness and health blog here at after losing 70 pounds myself, and helping over 300 people do the same thing. I am associated with Beachbody and Shakeology. Shakeology is known to be a viable competitor to the Vi Shake. With this being said, I’m not interested in starting some unnecessary war, or trying to steal anyone over to Shakeology. I’m just giving my own personal review on the Body by Vi shake that I tried today for those who are interested. I do have a bias with Shakeology, but in no way will I attempt to push anyone over to one or the other. The decision is YOURS my friend! You can choose whatever shake works for you. The key and goal to success is doing something that will benefit your life and health. Something is better than nothing always.

Body by Vi Review – Non-biased Review of the Shake of Cake

Body by Vi claims to have the “Shake that Tastes like Cake”. I see a lot of Vi Reps mention that they can help you get fit, slim, and sexy using the Vi Shake and the different targeted programs they have available. Even better yet, a lot of the Vi Reps also mention that they eat cake and lose weight. Obviously they are referring to their Vi Shake.

So let’s take a look at the following in the Body by Vi Review.

  • My Video Taste Test
  • The Ingredients and Comparison to other Shakes

The key I want you to focus on is the ingredients, because that is where I have my concerns. There is a few particular ingredients that are great for your health. At the same time, there are a few ingredients that are not the best for you. Make sure you read the part where I talk about this in greater detail below.

Body by Vi Review – My Video Review and First Taste

Check out my first taste of the Chocolate Birthday Cake Mix:


The Price of the Shake – Body by Vi Review

There are actually a few different product types that you can chose from with Body by Vi. The Balance, Shape, Core,  and Fit kits range from $49-249 per month. In the Balance Kit, you will get a 30-day supply of the Shake for only $49.00 per month which isn’t too bad.

The Balance kit is claimed for those who are interested in just losing a little bit of weight or getting better nutrition. If you want to drop a lot of weight, and be athletic, the Fit Kit is (obviously) recommended at $249 per month. You will get additional supplements to help with your journey. From what I have seen in my research, there doesn’t seem to be an exercise program. I might be wrong about that, but at first glance it looks like it is just a shake without an exercise program potential (which in my experience, you need exercise combined with nutrition to succeed 100%).

The Ingredients of the Shake – Body by Vi Review

Check out the image for the nutrition facts of Body by Vi. There are a few concerning ingredients and facts that would prevent me from fully endorsing the shake. Let’s check it out:

  • Diabetic Friendly? Yes, but no evidence for having a low-glycemic index.
  • All-Natural Ingredients? No. There are traces of things like Sucralose which is an artificial refined sugar (similar to that of Aspartame). Do a Google search for Sucralose and you can see the different impacts. I often light fires when I bring this ingredient up with certain Vi Reps. The common rebuttal is that it does not have that much sucralose in it, just enough to balance the taste and flavor which is minimal. The point of fitness and health that I focus on is: All-Natural Ingredients. 0.0000001 mg of Sucralose is still too much to be claimed as All-Natural.
  • Caffeine Free and Gluten Free? I do not really know. I did some searching for this and cannot find any positive or negative feedback on these two questions.
  • Legal Issues? There was recently a report filed against the products (see it here). This report is against Visulus, parent company of Body by Vi for a claimed toxic chemical in the handling of their shake that is ingested. The facts are the truth.

body by vi review

In review, while the Body by Vi shake tastes like cake and is good tasting, consider what you want it for. If you are looking for a nutritional shake and aren’t doing anything, this could be a good alternative for you. If you are looking for full-blown, organic, natural nutrition, this will not be for you.

I hope you enjoyed this non-bias Body by Vi Review.

Yours in Success,

Bob Sharpe

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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