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INSANITY the Asylum Back to Core Day 3


When I think back to CORE, I think that we are getting our act together and getting back to working out our Core. Well, I was WRONG. In INSANITY the Asylum Back to Core, you are focusing on the two major parts of your body next to your legs: The Back, and the Core. There were a few great things about this workout today, and one being that I actually felt like I worked out with my back. A lot of times when I did core workouts, I would have a sore lower back due to improper form or straining my back instead of my abs. Does this sound like you? Then check out this workout with INSANITY the Asylum Back to Core!

INSANITY the Asylum Back to Core Day 3

I’m a bit frustrated that the video review portion that I normally post with my reviews didn’t record appropriately. So, in any case the video below showcases some of the moves from Day 3. As I progress with the rest of the 30 days, I’ll be sure to make it work and do a good solid video review on Day 3. After all, I’ll be updating everyone regularly each day, so subscribe to my blog (very bottom, left side, enter your e-mail) and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

INSANITY the Asylum Back to Core General Thoughts

I will do a full review on each workout as I get later into my journey. So far this is just a blog post for my starting point. Stay tuned for more info on each move and my thoughts on each workout within this program. BUT, as for Back to Core, I definitely worked out muscles I haven’t ever worked out! My shoulders were on fire, especially during the pulsing moves that you see on the video above.

It almost reminded me of doing Warrior 2 Yoga Pose, but much more intense and focused. As I also mentioned above, today I felt like I got a good solid workout for my back, that I’ve never got before. A lot of time the back is strained for abs or lifting objects. Shaun T has found a way to give the back muscles a nice defined workout so that they too can become strong. I can actually feel my back muscles received a fair treatment today thanks to INSANITY the Asylum!

Diet for today:


Eggs Whites (mixed in Spinach)
Rolled Oatmeal
1 Banana

AM Snack:
P90X Peak Performance Protein Bar

Turkey Sandwich
Chocolate Chip Cookie (uh oh! Oh well lol)

PM Snack:

Chicken Breast
Jasmine Rice

Late Night Snack:
Shakeology (Chocolate, mixed with 1 cup coffee, 1 cup water, 1 banana)


If you think I ate a lot there, Shaun T as well as other fitness professionals and dieticians recommend eating 5-6 short meals per day versus having three large meals. Spaces out your eating patterns and helps to fire up that metabolism. As I move forward I want to attempt to stick to the INSANITY the Asylum diet guide as best as possible. I’ll keep you all posted on that effort 🙂


Thanks, and have an AWESOME day,

Bob Sharpe


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