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INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo Day 4


I have officially survived four days of INSANITY the Asylum! See the picture? That was my face throughout most of today’s workout. Today I tackled INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo. I will cut to the chase and say that this workout was tough and really tested my mental ability. If you ever looked at a workout and thought that you couldn’t do it, or got frustrated quick, then this post is for you! Keep reading…

INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo Day 4 Video Review

As you will see in my video below, there is a lot of standing around in awe. Check it out and if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, skip to the end so you can see my thoughts:

INSANITY the Asylum Vertical Plyo Day 4 Overall Review

The heart rate calculator that I mention in my video above is located here:

If you type your age into the calculator that they provide, it will give you what your heart rate should be (BPM) based on the percentage that you choose for maximizing your heart rate.

Today was a hard workout for me. Just like any new workout program, the first time you do the workout you are more than likely to stand around staring at all the moves in awe versus doing all of them like a champion out of the latest Olympic games. Have you experienced this before? Do you often look like I do in the picture above? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even the super-elite of at-home workout programs. I’m sure Tony Horton and Shaun T have looked at a move or workout program before in awe before they were able to fully succeed on the move/program.

So, how did I get through Vertical Plyo today, for the first time?

  1. First and foremost, I used my heart rate monitor to track my heart rate. Using the link above as a resource, I knew I wanted to stay around 120-160 BPM. Luckily, even though half of the time I had to stop because it was either too difficult or I had to see how Shaun T was doing the move, my heart rate stayed up.
  2. Mental Stability. When you work out with Shaun T in the Asylum, you realize he focuses a lot on your mental ability. That is a great point. I have heard similar points from other Beachbody Celebrities such as Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson. Your MIND stops before your BODY! I struggle with this a lot in my workouts. I either think I’m pushing too hard, that I’m going to get hurt, or that I’m too tired. Get out of that mindset and think: “I’ll do this, I can do this, I WILL do this.” As hard as the workouts in Asylum are, I know I’m going to be tested to the maximum in regards to my mental stability.
  3. YOU! I got through this workout today thanks to the many people who are sharing my posts and commenting for support. I took everything I learned today as a stepping stone into the future workout of Vertical Plyo that will happen next week. But, if it wasn’t for the many people online that I chat with everyday, I wouldn’t be as motivated to share my results! Thank you!!

My next update will be at the end of Week 2 instead of the daily updates. I will share my stats so far (including my weight and some pictures!). Thanks again for everything. I’ll also be posting detailed reviews on each Asylum workout in the near future, so stay tuned to and be sure to subscribe today!

Thanks all,

Bob Sharpe


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