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P90X Chest and Back Review


P90X Chest and Back ReviewI literally FELL on my face today during P90X!! But don’t worry, I’m ok! I pushed myself to the maximum to really focus on some hardcore results. This is my “official” third round of P90X. If this is your first time visiting, my name is Bob Sharpe, and I originally lost 7o pounds with the P90X program. I didn’t really follow the plan to the T, so my results were good, but I wasn’t “ripped”. It’s time to fix all of that. Which is why I probably FELL ON MY FACE today! Whatever, either way I’m excited to bring all of you wonderful visitors to my blog my personal P90X Chest and Back Review today.

P90X Chest and Back Review – The Good and the Bad

The Chest and Back workout is for those who are serious about getting some muscles. During this round I can definitely feel, even though it’s only Week 2, that I’m developing my arms and abs. The Chest and Back review is a LOT of push-ups and pull-ups, which I know some people are uncomfortable doing. I’ll share some of my tips on how to get over this throughout my post. For now, let’s talk about some Good Points and Bad Points when it comes to the P90X Chest and Back Review.

Good Points of the P90X Chest and Back Review:

  • It will get your Chest, Back, Shoulders, and Abs RIPPED – This is in time of course. Once you lose the weight, you can use Chest & Back to get seriously ripped. The push-ups use your chest, abs (with proper “plank” form), and triceps/shoulders. The pull-ups use your back (big time) and your shoulders. Don’t fear, you can use a chair with pull-ups and still get good results (I’ll explain more below). Also, for all of my ladies out there: DO NOT WORRY! This will not make you look like she-hulk. Unless you are loading some major supplements including creatine/etc, you won’t bulk up. Instead, it will help you form the slim, sexy foundation muscles you see in the super models.
  • It WILL make you better at Push-Ups and Pull-Ups – I never could really do a push-up or pull-up in High School. Yes, I was that kid that failed miserably during our Phys-Ed tests in this category. Now I can proudly do 30 high-quality push-ups. I’m still working on the pull-ups (pull-ups are so DANG hard!). Tony gives you tips and tricks to get these done. Follow them and keep pushing play each and every day, and you’ll achieve your push-up/pull-up dream!
  • Yes, it does work Abs – So many people think Abs have to be worked out every day. It isn’t true. While we have the Ab Ripper X workout, the P90X Chest and Back workout does the trick too. When you are holding the “Plank” position, your abs are on fire to hold your posture. Just make sure you (1) Hold your back straight (not arched in any way) and (2) tuck your pelvis in.

Bad Points of the P90X Chest and Back Review:

  • It’s HARD – Yes, in my P90X Chest and Back Review I’m not going to say this is easy. Chest and Back is some serious work, my friend. I keep thinking to myself, “Bob, just keep pushing through this @!&$Y! thing, and you will be so much further ahead”. The true results don’t come from easy work. Think about it, if it was easy, I’d get a 6-pack of abs just sitting on my couch watching Family Guy!
  • It will take MODIFICATION – My site, and my vision, is results for the average person (so sorry “Gym Dudes”…). This thing is hard and will take modification. It’s not necessarily a BAD thing, but a VERY important thing to focus on. Too many people try to do the maximum workout (I know I originally did). Take a moment to let your ego at the door. Modify the hell out of this workout. Go on your knees for push-ups. Use a chair to support your pull-ups. Just make sure one important thing: You feel a BURN. If you don’t feel a burn, find a way to up the intensity. You really want results? Push a decent burn, while modifying, to feel a little sore afterwards.
  • Nutrition is the Success Secret – My abs are finally showing. I use the nutrition plan of the 5/3 rule (you can learn more about the 5/3 rule by getting the free video series – find the red boxes around my page and enter your e-mail to get access). I also make sure I drink a post workout formula (P90X Results & Recovery Formula) and a nutritional shake (Shakeology). I do NOT use Creatine. No need to use it for these types of workouts.

P90X Chest and Back Review – I fell on my FACE!

p90x chest and back review

No Excuses! Get in, get pumped, and BRING IT!

So you are probably wondering why I fell on my face! Here is how I did it:

I was originally a little weak with this workout. I would find a bunch of BS excuses to avoid doing the push-ups to the maximum, and sometimes skip the pull-ups. It’s probably one of the many reasons I FAILED P90X in Rounds 1 and 2. But instead, this time I’m focused on going ALL-IN. No excuses. No garbage. I don’t care if it’s 12 AM and I’m dead tired. I’m going to BRING IT in P90X. This is how the most successful people on my team have gotten such great results (and of course that fires me up to want to do better as the leader!!).

So this time around I’m focusing on going deep, and getting a good burn. In other words, getting FULL RANGE of Motion on all Push-Ups. It’s not about half-ass doing 1000 push-ups. My goal is to do 20-30 perfect, full range push-ups. By changing my mindset to go away from doing 1000 push-ups to doing a nice, solid 30, I saw immediate results. Sure, I’m sore as heck, but it feels GOOD. My muscles are growing and that fuels future RESULTS!!

So where I fell on my face? The decline push-ups! The second time we do the moves, I got up, prepared to do the decline push-up, and couldn’t get back up, and literally fell on my face, tumbling down to the floor. Was I embarrassed? Nope! I knew that means I was bringing it!! That’s the beauty of doing workouts at home. You don’t have the scary gym guys staring at you if you fail lol 😀 So since I fell on my face, I got on my knees and did some standard-width push-ups just to keep the momentum going.

P90X Chest and Back Review – The Moves

For those of you who stopped by SharpeFIT to see the moves that are in P90X Chest and Back, here they are! You do the cycle of moves twice through, which makes the workout around 60 minutes long. Tony (the P90X Trainer) keeps you entertained with his witty jokes and funny humor.

  • Standard (Width) Push-Ups
  • Wide Front Pull-Ups
  • Military Push-Ups
  • Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (hello bicep move!)
  • Wide Fly Push-Ups
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
  • Decline Push-Ups
  • Heavy Pants
  • Diamond Push-Ups
  • Lawn Mower
  • Dive Bomber Push-Ups (My Tip: Go down like you are going into the Yoga Move Upward Dog. Then transition low into Downward Dog. This essentially is the key to the “under the fence, back under the fence” move within the Dive Bombers).
  • Back Flys
  • You can find more details on the moves along with the Workout Calendar over on my post: P90X Schedule

So, are YOU doing P90X Chest and Back? What are your struggles with the program? Comment below and let us know what is on YOUR mind!!

I hope you enjoyed the P90X Chest and Back Review. Be sure to sign-up to my fitness course using the red box below this post for more fitness support and chats with yours truly.

Yours in #BRING-IT Success,

Bob Sharpe

In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and struggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is to help others do the same through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here on Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here

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