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P90X Schedule


Schedule for P90XAre you looking for some information on the P90X Schedule? If so, then you are in the right place. When I first started with P90X I wasn’t sure what schedule was the best to follow. I wanted to get good results, but I also had a good amount of weight to lose. Not only that, I never really worked out before in my life, so I was fat with no muscle and exercise/fitness knowledge (my how life changed :-)).

I will help you find out what the best P90X Schedule is for you. I will also share the different P90X schedules that you can choose from depending on what your goal is with the program.

P90X is a 90-day long program (only three months). P90X literally stands for Power 90 Xtreme. In order to get undeniable results, you need to complete all 90 days. Some people still ask me if they really need to do all of the days, and I will say this now and forever: YES! Do not skip a workout and follow the P90X schedule of choice to the “T”. My first round of P90X I didn’t follow the schedule or the nutrition plan and didn’t get the best results. Do not make the same mistake!!

So how bad do you want results? How bad do you want to reach your goals with P90X? If you are serious and committed to getting amazing long-lasting results, then continue reading my tips and tricks on P90X.


What are the Different Schedules for P90X?

There are three different P90X Schedules that you can follow. Feel free to click the links below (will open in a new window) to get additional resources such as the workout sheets and the day-by-day calendars for each routine:

Classic Schedule
Lean Schedule
Doubles Schedule


What Schedule is Right for ME?

P90X Schedule with TonyLet’s take a look at all of the different routines so you can look into what schedule would work best for you.


Classic Schedule

This is the original P90X schedule that was used in the starting test groups when the program was being developed. This program gives a great mix of Abs, Resistance Training, and Cardio. If you are looking to get all-around good results and have had a fairly active lifestyle in the past (especially if you used to be in sports in High School or College).
A lot of people think that the weight lifting part of the classic P90X schedule will give them bulky muscles. Do not worry, Tony Horton (celebrity trainer of P90X) will show you how to use the resistance training/weights to achieve your desired goal. If you want the bigger muscles, get a heavy weight that makes you tired after 8-10 reps. If you want the lean, toned look, do 12-16 reps with a lighter weight.


Lean Schedule

This schedule is for those who are more interested in getting great P90X results without the extra resistance training. This might be an ideal schedule to follow for the starter. For example, if you are scared of P90X or have a lot of weight to lose, start with the Lean schedule and after you complete 90 Days, do the Classic Schedule afterwards.

You will fore-go doing an extra day of resistance (usually Chest & Back and/or Chest, Back and Triceps) and Plyometrics training. These can tend to be a lot to do at first, so do not worry, if you are intimidated by P90X, but still want to achieve extreme results, go with the Lean P90X Schedule!


Doubles Schedule

This is for those extreme dudes and gals! If you want to train like an athlete, do the Doubles schedule. This one is a bit more of a time commitment. You do the regular P90X Classic Schedule in the beginning, but then after 30 days you do two workouts per day. Usually the Classic Workout combined with P90X Cardio.

I suggest this for all of the people who are looking for a real challenge, are in fairly good shape, or have already completed 1 round of P90X.


P90X Schedule PDF Download

Anyone serious about getting AWESOME Results with P90X, you need to download the PDF calendar! This way you can keep track of what you need to do on what days.

Also, be sure to download these other resources:

P90X Worksheets
P90X Excel Worksheet


P90X Online Scheduling

Did you know you can get your P90X Schedule online through the WOWY SuperGym for Free? This is a great way to track what workouts are on what day, while also keeping yourself accountable for completing each workout.

=>Click here to Get your FREE Online P90X Account<=

This will give you free access to Team Beachbody, allow you to schedule your P90X workouts, and also connects you with me as your Coach. I will help you succeed with P90X and all other workouts in your fitness journey.


Final P90X Schedule Checklist

Let’s make sure you have everything you need to start P90X right:


Comment below this post and let me know what Schedule you will be following! Also, as always, I’m open to any and all of your questions!

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