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P90X Shakeology – Will it get you Better Results?


why should we get p90x shakeologyI get a lot of questions about P90X Shakeology and whether or not it is important. After all, can you just get results with P90X alone, or does it take more?

Most of the questions I get that I will answer for you today is: do you HAVE to use Shakeology with P90X? What kind of protein is in Shakeology? What about other Supplements with P90X?

I’ll be honest with you and say that supplements and diets can be one of the hardest puzzles to solve. It is “relatively” easy to pop in a DVD and press play.

But all else being equal, it really comes down to nutrition and supplementation that fuels your real results.


Do you HAVE to use P90X Shakeology?

The short answer is, Absolutely Not! You don’t have to use Shakeology.

But, here is something you need to consider. When you do P90X, you lose calories, electrolytes, amino acids, and other vital “things”. It’s good for you, but you need to replenish with the good stuff your body needs. In fact, the window of 1 hour after P90X primes your body to accept and process high quality nutrition, if you take it. Not only that, it will replace those essential amino acids, blood sug This is what Shakeology can do for you.

Shakeology has a good protein to carb ratio, and is highly effective with P90X. If you are following the P90X Nutrition Guide (which you should be!), you will cover one protein block and one carbohydrate block.

Let’s face it, Shakeology has a lot of macro-nutrients. Things like phyto-nutrients and adaptogens are vital to the building blocks of ultimate health. (See Wikipedia: macro-nutrients).

*Warning* – Shakeology is only 140-160 calories depending on the Shakeology Flavor. If you are going to use P90X Shakeology as a recovery drink, use it just to hold you over. After an intense workout with P90X, you should really be eating more than 140-160 calories. Ideally 200+ calories is best so that you can replenish your body appropriately. In fact, I never knew this when I first started, but if you don’t eat enough calories, your metabolism can actually slow down! So don’t think you are doing yourself a favor by cutting back to the point where you are hungry. Eat 200-500 calories every 2.5-3 hours, for a total of 5 times per day. Luckily Shakeology can be used as either a post-workout or a meal replacement shake during your day.

So to answer the question, Do you HAVE to use Shakeology? No. I didn’t use Shakeology for my first round of P90X. Granted, I actually was lacking the right nutrition, so while I lost some pounds, I didn’t get AMAZING results. Once I started using the right supplements for P90X, then my results drastically improved.

Honestly, not drinking Shakeology with P90X really just throws your entire health lifestyle off track. It took me a while to realize that, mainly because I didn’t want to spend the money up front.


Protein! What’s the Deal with¬†only 17 grams?

Shakeology drinks for P90XYes, Shakeology has only 17 grams of Protein. A lot of my team members look at my cross-eyed when they realize it’s only 17 grams. Really!?! I need more than that to get awesome results, right?

The answer may surprise you (it sure surprised me!): It depends on the quality of protein. In P90X Shakeology drinks, it is made with the best bio-ready, high quality whey protein.

For the Vegan Shake flavors, it is formulated with the best brown rice protein extracts. What this means is: it absorbs better in your body!

So while Shakeology may have less protein as far as grams are concerned, the quality is of the highest. What I was particularly pleased with is that P90X Shakeology has natural ingredients in it, which means no Sucralose!

A lot of protein shakes on the market today include artificial sweeteners and additives that really make the high grams of protein almost worthless.


What about other Supplements? Any Alternatives to P90X Shakeology?

If you are digging really deep and Bringing It with P90X, you may need more than just Shakeology. Below are a few alternatives and additional supplements you can consider for your ULTIMATE P90X Results. These are for people who want to go ALL IN and get the Best Possible, Hands Down Results that they can get with P90X:

  • p90x recovery drinkP90X Results and Recovery Formula – when you workout with P90X, you use a LOT of Carbs and blood sugars. It is vitally important to replace these after a workout to make sure your muscles and body are refueled (refueling = better results naturally). There are 40 grams of all-natural replenishment sugar in each serving, and it is meant to completely restore your body’s glucose levels. I would highly recommend at least using this supplement if you are not using Shakeology.
  • P90X Multi-Vitamins – The Multi-Vitamins are pretty high quality. When I first started off I picked up a cheap bottle of random multi-vitamins from Target. Little did I know about high energy nutrients, lutein benefits, and green tea grape extracts. All of these things are found in the P90X Peak Performance Multi-Vitamin.
  • P90X Protein Bar – The protein bars are pretty good. I do not like the Yogurt Flavor (just my opinion). My favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter. The reason I use these is for a quick pick-me-up during the day. The key in P90X is to never EVER let yourself get hungry (you can learn more about this in my fitness support course by entering your name and e-mail below this post). By using the P90X protein bar during the day, you can get some high quality protein and avoid getting hungry!

If someone asked me to rank the top P90X Supplements (if I could only choose one to keep), it would go in this order:

  1. Shakeology – well-rounded nutritional support
  2. P90X Results and Recovery Formula – excellent support post workout to fuel faster results
  3. P90X Multi-Vitamins – Good, but doesn’t give you the full nutritional aspect for hardcore workouts
  4. P90X Protein Bar – great pick-me-up, but if you don’t have one of the above and only have this one, you aren’t going to see the best results (in my own experience).

If the price of the P90X Shakeology is holding you back ($129.95 for a 30-day supply), I have a perspective that you will want to take a look at right below.

Think about how much money you spend in a week. How much is spent on fast food? Starbucks? Extra McDonalds runs? P90X Shakeology comes out to about $4 per serving for a world class nutritional blast to your body. If you can supplement something nasty with Shakeology, not only will you probably save some money, but you will give yourself the right nutrition.

My suggestion: try P90X Shakeology with your workouts for 30 days. See how you feel after the 30 days, and from there you can decide if you want to continue the monthly orders or cancel it hassle-free. Of course, if you have questions on how to maximize the Shakeology drink, leave a comment below or sign-up for my Fitness Support Course by filling in the boxes at the bottom of this post (in the red box).


Shakeology with P90X



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