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How to Improve Push Ups! 3 Simple Steps


Today’s dose of tips and motivation comes forward to help YOU figure out how to improve push ups in 3 simple steps.

Look…1 year ago I couldn’t do a push up. In fact, all throughout High School, College, and really my entire life I could not do a single push up. When I started the P90X program in June of 2010, I literally did all of my push-ups on my knees. I was determined to see if I could do a push up without my knees. I stayed committed, pressed play everyday, and today not only can I do a push up, I can do a push up while balanced on Medicine Balls with P90X2.

The video of me doing this move is posted below. But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Can you do a push up? Do you use your knees? Are you looking for ways on how to improve push ups?

Below I will share three simple ways you can implement to start improving your push ups easily and efficiently.

how to improve push ups

3 Ways on How to Improve Push Ups


How to Improve Push Ups in 3 Simple Steps

The secret sauce to any improvement in push ups is to stay consistent with your plan. Don’t let the fact that you have to do push ups on your knees frustrate you to failure. Follow the plan of action until you become comfortable enough to progress to the next step. For some people it takes a few months, and for others it can even take a year or longer. But the key to success is to stay committed until the win!

Here are three tips on how you can improve push ups:

  • Step #1 – Form and Position – some people bow their back down way too low, or you put your butt way into the air. When you are in a push up position (whether you are on your knees or not), suck in your stomach and visualize it as if it is a board. If you are on your knees and can’t get the “sucked in” feeling of a strong board-stomach, push your knees further back (some people tend to put their knees too close to their arms which won’t work out your “push-up muscles”).
  • Step #2 – Modification with the Knee Rocker – do not cheat yourself of faster results by going on your knees and just hap hazardly pushing up and down. As explained in my P90X Push Up tips post, by placing your knees down on the floor, and putting your feet in the air, you put more focus on your chest. Stay in this position, and then go down to the floor while letting your legs rock (using your knees as a supporting pivot) to go down and up in your push ups. Even though your modifying, you’ll be one step closer to a faster success with this method.
  • Step #3 – Advanced Negative Push Ups – For those of you who want to build up your chest muscles to become the master blaster of Push Ups, this step will help you improve push ups fast. What you will want to do is create a negative push up by starting in the plank position. Progress downward in your push up to the floor, but instead of going down at regular speed, make it a 5-count progression. For example, start in plank, count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. At 5 seconds you should then by down to the floor (with good form of course). Then, when you come back up into plank, do another 5 counts (be sure not to bow your back or butt). You’ll notice a lot of work on your chest muscles, and you might be sore the next morning, but it makes it worth it and will help improve your regular push ups over time.

I hope you found these tips helpful. For more fitness tips and tricks, be sure to check out my Fitness Bootcamp which provides free resources and support for ultimate weight loss success.


My Improvement Journey with Push Ups

In time, applying these steps and tips, you can get to a whole new level of fitness with push ups. Below is a video on my journey from knees to where I am now:

I know my form isn’t the best here, I’m in Week 4 of P90X2 and continue to bring it each day. Regardless of my form on this, i’m just happy to know that I’ve gone from knees to balls 🙂 lol

Have a great day everyone! Push Play, and BRING IT! Thanks for checking out my post on How to Improve Push Ups.

COMMENT below and let me know where you are in your fitness program, and also let me know if you have any questions!!

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